Ways to Gamify your Studies for Better Result

Studying isn’t always fun; sometimes it can be downright dull. You might be looking for ways to make long hours of studying more fun to keep your brain more engaged in the content. Gamifying your studies is an excellent way to make the study material more exciting and to help you get through exams. Incorporating elements of games such as narratives, rewards and leader boards can make studying more engaging and interesting. Here, we will tell you ways in which you can gamify your studies.

#1. Reward Yourself

Accomplishing a series of tasks in video games means you earn yourself rewards! Why not create similar conditions in your study habits? Choose an attainable goal and write down a small prize for finishing this goal. The prize doesn’t have to be big. It can be something as little as spending an afternoon watching your favorite movie.

#2. Form Study Groups

One of the best ways to revise concepts is by talking to friends about it. Creating groups with your classmates help you clarify holes in your thinking. Take it to the next level by competing against each other. Make it more interesting by playing for prizes such as gift cards for coffee, movie and restaurant. Moment of inertia formula and various other formulas can be learnt using this strategy.

#3. Make use of great apps

Now, due to technological advancements, there are tons of apps and great browser extensions that keep you productive throughout the day. For days when you are distracted by the constant notification of your phone, there is an app known as the Forest. This app sprouts and grows a tree when you decide to study. If you leave the app to check social media or texts, the tree dies. This way, you can challenge yourself to go longer and longer without checking your phone growing bigger and bigger trees.

#4. Creating a gamified study environment

Take on the persona of great scientists and mathematicians as they would do in video games. This method particularly works well when done in a group. You could pick a theme based on the subject that you are studying. For example, if you’re studying concepts like Gauss law, each of your friends can choose the persona of scientists and visionaries and represent their views.

No matter what method you choose, gamifying your study habits will make you study for longer and will help you get better grades.

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