Flowers, Chocolate still Favorited Valentine’s Day Gifts

A bright and colourful bouquet of flowers is always considered a great gift for Valentine’s day. Flowers have always been a very good choice as gifts in the matters of love and they occupy the number one spot with their charm and elegance. On this Valentine’s Day, you can also add a box of chocolates with flower bouquet.

Statistics reveal that the 13th of February registers one of the highest chocolate sales for the year and a box of flawlessly wrapped chocolates combined with rose’s bouquet can be the ideal gift for your partner. In case you are wondering about the history of the association of chocolate with romance, here are a few facts that you will find interesting.

Favorited Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

  • Chocolate was first introduced to the European world through the Aztecs. The Spanish brought chocolate to Europe and they considered it to be a luxury item and also an aphrodisiac.
  • The supply of chocolate was tightly controlled and it was mostly reserved for aristocrats. It is said that Marie Antoinette started her day with a cup of chocolate.
  • The fame of chocolate spread as an ignitor of passion and by the time it travelled to America, the original spicy flavour was replaced by sweetness. The mid-19th century saw the emergence of chocolate as a form of candy.
  • Recent researches have revealed that the consumption of chocolate increases the amount of dopamine secreted by the brain. Since this chemical is responsible for generating sensations of pleasure, biting on a chocolate bar can truly enhance romantic feelings in a person.
  • It has also been found that sweet taste can generate romantic feelings, especially in the case of single individuals. This shows that the age of adage “love is sweet”, does indeed have some basis to it.

So you can see that when you send Valentine’s Day special flowers to your dearest one, adding a lovely box of chocolates to it can really provide some great advantages to spur your romantic life ahead. There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right flowers for Valentine’s Day. When you arrange to deliver flowers in Pune, you need to match it with the box of chocolates, so the arrangement is in perfect rhythm. So here are some flowers that will bea perfect match with a box of chocolates.

Roses are definitely a top choice and the dark red colour will be in perfect sync with a box of chocolates. Select dark chocolates in a box of red colour that will match with the colour of the flowers and you are ready with the perfect combination.

Tulips are another classic beauty that is one of the most popular flowers as messengers of love. Their elegant shape and colour make them look gorgeous and to match with that, a heart-shaped box of chocolates will be a very good choice.

A bunch of red and pink carnations are a great choice when you plan for a same day valentine flower delivery service in Pune. To match with it, select a box of chocolates with a wooden colour and a bright pink ribbon tied around it to indicate the romantic spirit.

Lilies come in various shapes and they are one of the most beautiful flowers you can pick for Valentine’s Day. They also have a superb fragrance that enhances their charm to a great extent. A box of heart-shaped chocolates, mixed with truffles and some fruits can be a good choice to accompany the lilies.

Orchids are a great choice to make a bold statement of love with bright colours and fragrance. They can best paired with any kind of chocolates but you can try selecting a coffee or hazelnut flavoured piece to make the combination special.

The daisies are quite popular and Valentine’s Day flowers as they bring in a cheerful ambience along with the touch of spring. To match with the cheerful bunch of daisies, select some flavoured chocolates. Flavours like caramel, mint or that of any fruit will work nicely.

Once you have finalised your choice of flowers, you can now select the type of chocolate that you want. When it comes to chocolates, there are various flavours are found but the three basic types are the dark, milk and white ones. So here are a few ideas to help you select the best for your love.

Dark chocolate has the maximum amount of cocoa in it and it is also the most nutritious. It is also rich with antioxidants. They are a very good choice but have a slightly bitter taste, which may not be liked by everyone.

Milk chocolate has less amount of cocoa in it but it has a sweeter flavour and aroma that some people might find more attractive. It comes in various forms and combinations and is one of the most widely available forms of chocolates.

White chocolate, on the other hand, has no cocoa in it and is chiefly made from milk and cocoa butter. It is thus the least beneficial option in terms of health. Those with a sweet tooth may find this variety ideally suited for their taste. It will not be an ideal choice as a gift for this occasion.

So these are a few ideas to help you combine the beauty of flowers with the delightful taste of chocolates on this Valentine’s Day.

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