Are you thinking of unschooling your child or a little sibling? Do you feel like conventional schooling is just not for them? Well, go ahead! Who would know a child better than their parent or an elder sibling? However, if you are confused about the results of unschooling against conventional schooling then this article is definitely for you!

Unschooling: what and for whom?

First let’s clear the meaning of unschooling. Unschooling is basically home-schooling. Children that are unschooled are taught everything that is taught in a school at home by the family members. Families also hire professional tutors for home-schooling often. Home-schooled children learn everything that their age fellows learn in schools.

However, you need to closely observe the nature and personality of the child before deciding whether to home-school them or get them enrolled in a regular school. Some children love the classroom environment and tend to learn faster and better with a group of children. On the other hand, some students are not quick learners and lots of people around them make them more nervous. For the latter, unschooling is the best option and if you think your child falls in that category you should definitely home-school them.

Unschooling: benefits

Just like conventional schooling, unschooling has its own set of benefits that can be availed by the children in that particular setup. Don’t get dishearten over what people say against unschooling, rather find out the benefits on your own that are mentioned as follow.

Flexibility of learning course and timing

In a school children are bound to learn particular topics in a specific time decided by the teachers and school management. This is not a problem in the case of unschooling. The child can learn whenever he is most productive and further take as much time as he requires. In short, there is no pressure.

Plenty of time

The students who get unschooled get more time to study as compared to others. There are no fix timings like that in conventional schools. Similarly, there is no rush for anything – no rush to pack the lunch nor any rush to reach the classroom right in tie and definitely no obligations of waking up early in the morning.

Practical learning

Unschooling is more inclined towards practical learning. Students getting homeschooled learn from all the spaces and environment. The world is their classroom and they are constantly interacting with the things around which enhance their learning.

Exposure to a variety of people

Just like how the unschooled students interact with materialistic things practically, they also get to meet and interact with a lot of people and that is also considered as their learning process. This way they learn better about different kinds of personalities. Your kid will definitely be able to start identifying the right kind of people from a very young age if he has been homeschooled.

Least competition

Conventional schooling has a lot of competition. This is not the case when it comes to unschooling. Children can learn according to their own pace without the pressure of competing with the rest of the class. This is a healthy thing especially for students who are slow learners and fail to perform better under pressure.

Practical testing

Again, practicality is a very major part of homeschooling. The students not only learn through practical means, but are tested for their knowledge and learning practically as well. It is a better and more effective way of testing the knowledge and students are analyzed for their knowledge retention more efficiently this way.

High quality

Unschoolers are able to choose what they want to learn at what time. This ensures maximum learning of each topic. In the end the quality of education turns out to be excellent – even better that that of conventional schools.

You must have been clear by now regarding all the confusions that you previously had in your mind regarding unschooling your kid. Now, go ahead and teach him at home and you can even get help for making the syllabus from any online agencies.

Individual learning

In unschooling students are catered according to their individual needs and learning styles. The tutor – which you can also hire from essay writing service, focuses on the student individually which helps a slow learner enhance the learning process and speed.