How To Transfer Data From Outlook to Thunderbird?

In this blog, we are going to provide the solution how to transfer data from Outlook to Thunderbird without any issue. In this technology oriented world, there are many emails services used by several users for specific needs.

It will allow the users to convert and export Outlook PST files to Mozilla Thunderbird. If you are worried about how to transfer data from Outlook to Thunderbird account directly, then read this blog and solve your query with PST to MBOX migration.

Brief about Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird

Microsoft Outlook is a common and most popular email client application which provides personal information management services by Microsoft Corporation. The MS Outlook offers a number of advanced features such as access multiple email accounts, standalone platform, PC- platform to send and receive emails etc.

MS Outlook is a commercial application for cross-platform used with MS Outlook and Apple Mac. Microsoft Outlook comes with various versions according to times and features updates such as Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2011 (for Mac), Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 (both), Outlook 2019 (both), etc.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free and open source email client application which is developed by Mozilla Foundation. Thunderbird email client application easily accessed on Microsoft Windows, MAC OS, and Linux operating system.

Mozilla Thunderbird supports MBOX file format to store emails, contacts and etc. into a single file format. With so many features, one might consider transferring data from Outlook to Thunderbird.

Why Do Users want to Transfer Outlook PST File to Mozilla Thunderbird?

Mozilla Thunderbird is cross-platform and it also gives advanced features. Due to this reason users need to transfer Outlook PST files to Thunderbird. However, Microsoft Outlook offers a user-friendly environment still have paid services.

On the other hand, Mozilla Thunderbird is a free and handy email client application developed by Mozilla Foundation. With this application, users can manage a number of emails, newsgroup, and news feed accounts, etc.

In a simple way. Moreover, it supports many features like quick search, saved search folders, advanced message filtering, message grouping, and so many. With so many features, end users plan to transfer their Outlook PST file to a Thunderbird email client.

How to Import Outlook PST Files to Thunderbird Manually?

There are two manual methods are available to convert Outlook email to Thunderbird. All of them are mentioned here, simply follow the steps and implement the process of importing Outlook mail to Thunderbird.

Method 1. Export Outlook PST file to Thunderbird on Single Machine

First, click on Start button option>>choose Default Programs>>select Set your default program

  1. Then, choose Outlook and click on Set this program as default
  2. Now, Open Mozilla Thunderbird and select Tools option. Select Import/Export Menu
  3. Next, select the radio button that seems next to Mail section and click on the next button. After this, choose Outlook from the given options and click the Next key
  4. Finally, Click on Finish button to complete the export process.

Note: Repeat the same method for converting Outlook PST file such as Address book, Contacts etc. Now, Set Thunderbird as the Default mail client.

Method 2. Conversion from Single Machine to Multiple Machines

  1. First of all, Launch Mozilla Thunderbird on your system having running MS Outlook
  2. After this, close Mozilla Thunderbird
  3. Then, go to the Start button and click on the Search section
  4. Type %APPDATA% inside the search box
  5. Choose the folder named as Roaming to attach the external storage device to the system’s USB port.
  6. Under Roaming screen, right-click on the Thunderbird folder
  7. Choose “Send To” option
  8. Select the externally Connected Device to import specific data
  9. Next, connect an external device and then, open it
  10. Right-click on the folder of Thunderbird and choose Copy option
  11. After this, click on the Start button again
  12. In the search box, enter %APPDATA% and select the Roaming folder
  13. After that, remove the Thunderbird folder and paste the selected copy to the Roaming folder

Why Users Not Choose Manual Solution?

The manual solution appears easy for performing but it will turn out to be a difficult method for those who are not from the technical field. Lots of IT knowledge is required to export Outlook files to MBOX Thunderbird.

It is also a time-consuming solution because the procedure has not the capability to move Outlook PST files to Thunderbird in a bulk with attachments, it is a simple one by one procedure and can be useful where there are few files accessible for migration.

Also, data loss risk is involved in a manual solution. So, it would be better for all users to go for cost-effective and reliable third-party tool i.e. PST to MBOX Converter tool.

Error-Free Solution to Import Outlook PST to Thunderbird Using PST to MBOX Software

As the above manual method is tough to implement and lengthy procedure; so, operator can use a third-party software such as PST to MBOX Converter software which permits to convert all emails from Outlook to Thunderbird.

With this application, it becomes very easy to import Outlook emails to Thunderbird without any file size limit or data loss. And, it also helps to maintain folder hierarchy intact during Outlook to Thunderbird migration.

Final Words In the blog, we have explained various methods to transfer data from Outlook PST to Thunderbird. Users can choose for any of the solution based on his/her needs. But it is highly suggested to opt the error-free solution i.e. PST to MBOX Converter software.

Author Bio: – I am WeatsonGyatso, Senior Technical Analyst and investigator on the different techniques available in a marketplace for email conversion. Here, in the above post, I has explained both techniques available and suggested SpecyTech PST to MBOX Converter software to perform the safe conversion.

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