Climb Up the ‘Google Ladder’ Easily With Top 8 Vital SEO Tactics

Thanks to the new era where digitalization has so been widespreadthat everything is now permanently interconnected to the digital world. And like all other sectors, marketing is of no exception. In fact, digital marketing has dramatically changed the way people used to perceive brands and interact with it.

Regardless, when it comes to online marketing, SEO needs no introduction. SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization, is a phenomenon that took over the world by storm a few decades ago.

Basically, it is a process that empowers a website to rank top on any search engine result page (SERP), be it Google or Bing or Yahoo.And, dominating the search engine result page means dominating online traffic. Ultimately, huge traffic drives more leads and thus brings in more sales.

So if you also wish to dominate then SERP ladder, then you need to consider the following tactics and implement them right away.

1. Diversify Keyword Research
SEOs usually use Google Keyword tool to search for competitive keywords for their website. Though the Google keyword tool is the best out there, there are other methods as well you. Take for instance Facebook Ads, where you can find a whole lot of potential keywords that are massively searched every month. Likewise, there’s flippa, Wikipedia and a whole lot of other sites and tools that can be used for potential keywords.

2. Cover On-Page Elements
Site optimization starts with its on-page elements, starting with the site title and Meta tags. Place the relevant keywords in your title tag and the Meta description. Use keywords in the content of the website as well, especially in the main heading and the subheadings. Do the same with the Meta description, but don’t get carried away with it.Also, check the link structure of the URL and make sure it is search engine friendly. For instance, should be replaced with

3. Find Broken Links
One of the effective ways to build natural links is by finding broken links and replacing them with yours. Though it is a simple process, finding and earning such links takes up a lot of time. Even though you may find some broken or dead links after an hour or two, requesting the web owner to replace them with your link doesn’t always go as smoothly as you may think. Still, if you get links through this way, then consider them permanent high-quality links.

4. Optimized Internal Links
People believe that creating external links is the only way they can optimize a web page or site and increase its ranking. However, it isn’t. You can affect the rankings by creating and optimizing internal links as well. Other than influencing the search engine ranking, internal links also allow you to bring traffic to other pages of your site.

5. Improve Website Speed
Website speed does factor in the page ranking of your website. Gone are the days when visitors would wait for the website to browse its resources. Today, a slight delay in your website can result in significant bounce rate which can hurt the sales of your online business. Therefore, it is important that you first test out the speed of your website before making it live and make sure that it opens at an optimum speed.

6. Write Content For Humans
The keyword magic doesn’t work in today’s world. Nowadays, your website will get only as traffic as organic your content is. Remember that when you are writing a copy or blog, it will be read by a human. So ultimately there will be a human who will decide to whether or not associate with your brand and not the search engine. Taking into consideration this important point, you need to make it a point to write content considering the needs of your readers and not just for the search engines.

7. Keep Updating Your Content
Did you ever wonder why news websites always rank higher on search engines? This is because they keep updating their content and search engines give preference to updated content. So if you want to continue to get better ranking on search engines, you need to keep your content up-to-date on regular basis.

8. Follow the Google Updates
And last but definitely not the least. If you want to continue to stay in the good books of Google, you need to keep tabs on the latest Google updates so that you are aware of the current search criterion of the biggest search engine today. You can analyze the latest updates by following the industry experts. SEO is a pretty broad topic and thus there’s a whole bundle of tactics that are employed to optimize a website and make it search engine friendly. The aforementioned tips are, although, one of those many tactics, yet they are also the ‘most-ignored’ ones. So, follow these tips and start climbing up the Google Ladder until you dominate all.

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