Many videos, movies, songs are being searched on the internet every day. Those contain trending and viral videos, the latest songs, and movies etc., even TV is being watched on the internet. People become busy and get very less time to watch TV and hear songs on television.

Either they entertain their self or do their busy job. That is why all the trending news, videos, movies are being put online so that anyone can enjoy it during their busy schedules. People don’t have to go anywhere for it. This is because nowadays people don’t have time to use a laptop or PC because of the busy schedule and working culture.

There is just need of a cell phone and an internet connection and rest all the entertaining stuff will be in your hands. One can easily watch their favorite videos while travelling in the metro, bus, cabs, or any other mode of transport. In this article, we will be telling you about the top 5 videos on the internet which will make your boring day a bit interesting.

Some of the Trending Videos on the Internet

Amazing moments of Naomi Osaka’s with one of his fans becoming popular on the internet

This video will melt the hearts of many people. In this video, 21 years old Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka is hugging her young fan, who was crying after seeing her role model up close.

Nadia Comaneci praises the school kids for their great gymnastic skills

No doubt, the world is filled with many and many hidden talents of persons. It can be anywhere. A tik-tok video is going viral in which two kids; a girl and boy are showing their talent. They are doing somersaults and cartwheels on the street. Even this video got the approval from retired Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci. The 5 times Olympic gold medalist winner shared this video on her Twitter and wrote: “This is awesome”.

Woman delivering Big Mac beatdown to the man inside MCD

A woman has caught inside McDonald’s in the UK. In the video, a woman is seen throwing a man like a real dog while customers around watch and laugh in amazement. She gave him powerful punches and big Mac Beatdown which increases the popularity of the video clip.

A frog has founded in the packaged salad mix “it’s really alive!”

Now the packaged food started having the living creatures within them. In this viral video, a woman is preparing dinner with her family. She found a live frog in an organic salad box. She gets surprised after seeing it and recorded the incident on her phone.

Flying car hovers for a minute during a test flight in Japan

NEC Corporation from Japanese electronics manufacturer has unveiled a flying car. A car which stayed in the air for almost a minute. In the video, you can see the flying car staying in the air perfectly. The Japanese government aims to launch flying vehicles from around 2023.

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