Top 5 Skills to Look for When Hiring a Security Guard

There’s no doubt that the right security is essential to keeping your business safe, stable, and successful. But far too many businesses fail due in large part to their lack of security measures like hiring uniformed security guards.

American security services is a $29 billion industry and the U.S. market contains over 820,000 employed security guards. So finding the right one for your business isn’t hard if you know the top skills to look for when hiring your security team.

Punctuality/Arriving to Interview on Time

Before hiring a security guard, you’ll actually need to meet the person who will be wearing the uniform. Korner Security in Detroit can easily match you with the perfect professional for your specific needs. But pay attention to the details.

Does that person look alert, interested, and show up on time, or better yet a little early, for the meeting? Your potential security guard’s level of attentiveness and preparation for the initial interview will say a lot about their job site reliability.

Professional Security Training and Certification

Under state regulations, private security guards are not required to undergo specific training requirements in Michigan. However, individual security businesses can insist that their security team obtains professional training and certification to fulfill the tasks your company requires.

Korner Security in Detroit insists their uniformed security guards are fully trained for a variety of expectations including safety and marksmanship, communication, patrolling, communication, relations with the public and authorities, report writing, and more.

Physical Condition

There’s always a risk of confrontation in the security industry, so the right candidates for your uniformed security guards should be in good physical condition. That doesn’t mean they have to look like Navy Seals or UFC fighters.

But your security team or even a single guard should be in good enough shape to react quickly to diffuse tension and look imposing enough to make potential trouble makers think twice before causing chaos.

First Aid and CPR Training

Approximately 475,000 Americans die annually from cardiac arrest. Over 350,000 of those occur outside of the hospital or medical facility, and 10,000 occur within the workplace.

Fewer than 50% of employees know where to locate an AED (automated external defibrillator) at work, let alone how to use one if they do find it. The right security guard can be fully trained in CPR and AED requirements to know when and how to respond in the case of an emergency.

Good Communication Skills

A professional security guard should have the ability to handle the customer’s needs in a pleasant and professional manner at all times. Communication is a key element here whether that’s in a verbal or written focus.

Uniformed security guards who know how to use written and spoken words effectively can easily diffuse even some of the stickiest situations without resorting to physical restraint or removal.

Sometimes an angry customer or employee simply needs to be listened to and feel understood.

Conflict resolution is a staple skill all well-trained uniformed security guards need in their arsenal, and a call to Korner Security in Detroit can help get you the best options on staff to help secure and advance your business.

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