Tips To Increase The Life of Your Refrigerator

With changing climatic conditions, it also becomes necessary to stock your refrigerator accordingly. Besides, you need to understand the fact that with the changing seasons your needs change similarly the needs of your refrigerator also changes.

When you read this, you may find it funny thinking that now you have to satisfy needs of refrigerator as well?

Like seriously?

But rest assured that your refrigerator is not that demanding and all it takes are a few hacks to increase its life and set the right temperature with the arrival of the new season.

Discussed below are some ways through which you can increase your refrigerator’s efficiency-

Keep high heat sources at bay

You need to set a perfect temperature in your refrigerator so that your food remains cold. If there are different sources of heat around your refrigerator then the compressor is likely to shift to a higher gear. This will compel your refrigerator to work harder and also decrease its lifespan.

Besides, you will have to pay comparatively higher on your energy bill. Therefore while, designing your kitchen make it a point to place it away from the dishwasher, oven or any such other appliances.

You can get in touch with experts for kitchen design Northampton as they can suggest to you a perfect décor that rooted in functionality and is also budget friendly.

This way, you won’t select a wrong spot for any of your appliances and also keep them away from direct sunlight.

Replace the rubber seal on the door

This plastic lining which appears to be useless actually is a critical feature to make the appliance run smoothly. This lining is also known as a gasket and most of us tend to overlook this lining in a normal setting.

The main function of the gasket is to prevent any unwanted warm air from entering your refrigerator. We tend to open and shut the fridge several times a day which means that the gasket is likely to wear and lose some of its suction.

There is a high possibility that your fridge might function for several years but the gasket may weaken or completely tear off within a few years. Once the sealer starts to tear your unit will start struggling to keep the food chilled and this will have a direct impact on its life and your energy bills.

Bring food to room temperature

When you put freshly cooked food in your fridge it is likely to affect the set temperature in its interiors. This is also possible for leftover food that was just heated in the oven a few minutes back.

It is wise to change this habit and place food in the refrigerator once they are at room temperature or probably lower than that. You can also store food in a wrapping or Tupperware so that you can prevent the heat from spreading across the fridge and save you from an expensive energy bill.

Take care of condenser coils

The main function of the condenser coil is to remove warmth from the fridge. These coils are either on the back or underside of the appliance. By chance, if these coils get dusty it becomes difficult for them to carry out their function effectively.

If you ignore the dirt/dust on the coils for a long duration, the coils get strained and is unable to carry out its main function. This will result in the coil exerting twice as much effort than it actually should, which will have a direct impact on your energy bill.

Eventually, the appliance will start experiencing problems much earlier than it ideally should.

You can use a bristle brush to get rid of the dust/dirt accumulated on the coil and clean it properly. The good part being this brush is inexpensive and easily available online. You do not have to clean the coils very often because that could hamper their performance after a specific period of time.

Keep your fridge organised

Although, you might not be a neat freak but it is important to keep your refrigerator organised. This is so that you get food items easily as and when required. Plus, you have a clear idea of which food items you have stored in it and what items you have to buy on your way back home.

The simplest and easiest way to do this is by keeping the first tray empty and store frequently used products (bread, milk, etc.) in the second tray. Storing essential food products at the bottom can be unhealthy since you will have to bend several times to get them.

Apart from this, avoid pulling the door several times, instead prepare a mental check-list of what you want and then get them in one go. This way, you can conserve energy and also increase the lifespan of your refrigerator.