Things to Know Before Joining your First Job

The first job brings with it many emotions. There’s anticipation, suspense, excitement and for some of us laid back fellas, there’s also the feeling of impending doom. This transition is without doubt a big one and one which most of us have dreamt of since our childhood days.

Changed Priorities
When we were kids we often wondered how our lives would be different if only we were earning money. The reasons may have been different and more innocent back then such as eating chocolates till our teeth would turn black or the sweet freedom to buy as many toys as we like.

Now as we grow up our reasons kind of grow up too and we find ourselves craving for bigger and wilder experiences like buying our own booze, travelling to exotic places and doing other exciting things.

Before you settle in the routine of being a working professional there are certain important things you should know about. Here we will enlist certain things that you should give a thought before you enter the famed work life.

Taking a Time-Out
It may not be possible in everybody’s case but you should have a short break between leaving campus and joining the job. Even if it is a week off or just a weekend you should make sure you make the most of it. You should use this time to recharge, reset and rejuvenate yourself.

It is a good time to catch up on everything that you may not find the time to indulge in later on. Make space for some ‘me’ time where you simply take a mental break from your responsibilities and create the right separation between your personal and job life.

Get the Facts Right
You may have already studied the ins and outs of the company you’re about to join. It may be a good idea to collect all the documents and information you need before the first day of the job. You may have an orientation scheduled on the first day or in the first week of your new job. This can include the things you’re expected to bring along, the timings of your job, etc.

Think about the Route
Before the first day comes along you should be familiar with the route that you will be taking to office. You should select the route which has the least congestion. You should also think about which mode of transport you will be taking to office whether it is the London Underground or you have your own car and you will be travelling to office driving your own car. You should also think about how much time you’re taking to reach office and select the route or mode of transport which gets you there fastest.

Understanding the Dress Code
The clothes you wore as a student will be quite different from those that you are expected to wear to office. Most offices have a formal dress code unless you’re into something cool like marketing or other creative professions, where casual wear is not a taboo even on weekdays. Unless that is the case, you should reserve those ripped jeans you loved to wear in your college days for fridays as that is when most offices follow a casual dress code.

Study Up
This may sound like what the good boys and good girls do in their spare time. It may not exactly be a fun way to spend the transition time but it is always good to enter a job with a bit of preparation.

There is a certain set of skills that you’re expected to acquire in your job. The time that you have before you join the job should be spent reading literature around your areas of expertise and you should be familiar with the knowledge that is expected of you at work.

The transition from being a student to being a working professional is quite a big changing point in our lives. It may not even come close to getting married, is definitely more complicated than finding hen do venues or becoming a parent, but it’s quite unique in its own twisted way.