The Employment Process

After being hired for a new job, the process of onboarding can be stressful and complicated. All sorts of forms and policies, requiring acknowledgment and signatures, await newly hired employees. Finding ways to minimize the time required by the process can reduce frustration.

Job candidates who prepare in advance can avoid delays in getting onto the payroll. One approach taken by some job seekers is to use career assistance services. Alternatively, maintaining an organized file of employment-related documents avoids delay.

Candidates often do a lot of this legwork while looking for a job. Preparing a resume and filling out online profiles and applications requires collecting education and work history. Those steps yield copies of degrees and data from onboarding at past positions simplify retrieval to fulfill the required steps of the hiring process.

Whatever strategies are used, once a candidate is informed of a second interview or job offer, having the information handy can save time and reduce delays. Assembling the following documents will facilitate efficient onboarding.

Identification Documents

Employers must confirm that new hires are who they say they are. The Alarming rise in identity theft makes confirmation during onboarding critical. A current valid driver’s license will usually suffice. A valid passport or state-issued photo ID are also generally acceptable. Key points are the issuing authority and the presence of photographic evidence.

Citizenship Documents

Foreign workers with visas, permits and waivers make this a high priority for employers. A passport is often required along with documents establishing a legal presence in the country and the right to seek employment there. Citizens may present a notarized birth certificate issued by the state in which they were born or a social security card which will also be needed for other purposes.

Residence Documents

Employers commonly require proof that an employee lives in the area or is arranging to secure local housing. Renters can produce a lease to satisfy this requirement while owners provide a copy of their mortgage.

Reducing the onboarding process headache for new hires is a desirable objective. Quickly transitioning them into a productive role is good for both employer and employee. Advanced preparation and organization reduce stress and expedites completion.