The Conveniences of Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are sophisticated additions to buildings everywhere. They modernize buildings and give your properties a fresh feel. So, if you’re looking to install some automatic doors New York, here are some things to know about these special doors.

Give Your Building a Modern Look

Installing automatic doors gives your building a professional appeal. It feels new, relevant and creates good first impressions for residents and guests. It also enhances ease-of-access for busy hours of the day. This convenience is especially important for groups of people in a rush to get somewhere.

They Have Multiple Sensors

These types of doors can open automatically through two main types of sensors: visual and motion. Motion sensors usually employ pressure sensing technology. These sensors will likely be placed on the ground in front of the doors. When you step on or near the pressure sensor, the device will trigger the doors to open on their own. Another way for doors to open is with optic sensors. These are sensors that respond to motion. When they sense something in range, they will react and signal for the doors to open.

They Need Maintenance

Unlike old-fashioned doors, electronic doors can malfunction and create headaches later on. The optic or pressure sensors can break, which means they won’t trigger the doors when someone approaches. Or the doors themselves could break and not respond to the sensor’s signal. make sure to keep some professionals in your contacts to fix this issue as soon as it occurs.

For everyone’s convenience, electronic doors are the right move. Advanced technology allows machines to detect passers-by and easily grant access. Your building also gets the cosmetic benefit of looking and feeling more technologically updated. While not having to open doors is a luxury, electronics have the downside of breaking down on occasion, which would require the swift support of a technician.