The Best Men’s Guide to Wearing Fashionable & Stylish Jewelry

Unlike women who have always been known and pampered with different styles and fashion trends, men’s jewelry has always been restricted to a pleasing watch or a wedding ring.

Over the decades a societal stigma has revolved around men’s fashion until some fashion brands finally brought about a renaissance and introduced us to men’s accessories in a completely different and innovative way.

Nowadays, men’s jewelry brands have become a booming industry in the whole world. With a variety of things to offer, men can now satisfy their crave for style and wear jewelry that are stylish, classy and sophisticated.

Some of the Most Common Men’s Fashion Jewelry Include

  • Wedding bands
  • Watches
  • Blazer Button
  • Cufflinks and Shirt Studs
  • Tie Accents
  • Rings
  • Lapel Pins
  • Belt Buckles
  • Chains and Pendant Necklaces
  • Bracelet
  • Earrings
  • Religious Jewellery

Basic Rules To Choosing the Right Jewelery for You

When it comes to buying style, Man, you need to be extra cautious or you might just end up in a complete mess. Here are some basic rules to guide you through:

When in Doubt, Keep It Simple

Remember to choose an accessory that matches your physique and makes you feel most comfortable with. Whether a chain, pendant, earrings or a bracelet, you have to carry them on your body and they would be quite visible. So, make sure they glorify your mood and persona. A classic watch, a metal bracelet or just a silver chain can get you started.

Metals are Your Best Friend

Men’s ornaments are usually crafted in metals. Gold, silver, copper, bronze or platinum, make sure the color of the metal complements your outfit. But try to minimize the use of different metals at one go.

Precious stones and studs add color to your look but never try to overdo these gems. Keep them elegant and classy. Too much color can diminish your manly stature and make you look more feminine.

Right Jewellery at the Right Time and Occasion

Match your jewelery with your outfit and the occasion you are going for. For an everyday look, a simple stud earring or a light bracelet would be enough, but for a wedding or a Christmas party, always save the best pieces – a branded watch, cufflinks, tie accents, blazer buttons etc to showcase a different look and personality.

Wearing fashionable and stylish jewelery has definitely changed how men dress and look in recent times. Just like women, jewelery can impart smartness and confidence in men too.

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