Alcohol abuse is still considered healthy if it is done moderately. However, when the drinking spree goes out of hand, you probably need to seek help from the health expert. Aside from drug abuse, alcoholism is another addiction that destroys the lives of millions of people around the world. It is a disorder that involves uncontrollable drinking and being preoccupied with alcohol even if side effects are already evident. It can also appear even if you rapidly decrease your drinking or stop eventually.

And if you want to know if you develop the disorder from many drinks that it already affects your daily life, here are the symptoms you should check out.

Failure To Limit Your Intake Of Drinks
Drinking occasionally with friends or colleagues can sometimes take up to 2-3. However, if the number keeps on increasing and it became a habit, then there’s must be something wrong. You should seek help from health experts and ask for alcohol rehab.

Your Academic Or Work Performance Is Affected
Alcohol drinking can affect your productivity. It affects your decision making which can result in lower quality and quantity of work. Some instances being intoxicated can disrupt the operations at work. That’s why, if your drinking problem you should seek help as early as possible.

If your lousy drinking habits cannot be treated, it can be grounds for your termination from work or expulsion from school.

Loss Of Interest In Social And Work Activities
Like drug abuse, alcoholism can also affect your interest in social and employment activities. It can also cause psychological consequences wherein alcoholics develop depression, dysthymia, anxiety, personality change, compulsive behavior, denial, and other co-occurring mental and mood disorders.

Although drinking alcohol is perceived to be an excellent way to relax and to release any inhibitions, too much of it can be mentally destructive. People who start drinking alcohol on a regular basis begin to experience restlessness, nervousness, irritation, and melancholy. And when it becomes heavy drinking, the symptoms to alcoholism becomes apparent, which are paranoia, hallucinations, and insomnia.

You Develop A Tolerance To Alcohol, So You Drink More
Once you get accustomed to the habits of alcohol drinking, your alcoholic tolerance increases which engage you to drink more than you can bear. Since you can no longer feel the effect of the alcohol when you first sipped it, your neurons send signals to your body to take more until you feel the sensation that your body is longing for.

These are some of the significant symptoms of alcoholism that tells you to seek help as soon as possible. Don’t let the alcohol get a full hold of your reasoning and behavior because its withdrawal symptoms could significantly affect your health. It can result in alcohol intoxication wherein there’s a vast amount of alcohol in your bloodstream can lead to coma or death. Other alcohol withdrawal symptoms you might experience can be severe which could affect your functionality at work or social situations.

So, rather be in denial with what alcohol have done to your system, it is best to seek help as early as possible to avoid any complications to your health that you might regret later.