Running a Bakery

If you have always dreamed of opening your own bakery, then it’s good to know that dreams can come true. If you work hard enough to learn the business and the sweet side of opening a storefront, you have as good a shot as anyone at being successful. There are a few tips from experienced bakery shop owners to keep in mind while running your business.

Display Your Wares

Displaying your baked goods is very important because customers like to see what they’re getting. It is worth it to invest in some high-quality display cases NJ or in your home state. More than likely, a customer may be stopping by for a cake for a party but end up with a dozen cookies also because they just look so good. Cases should be large enough so that the next-in-line customer can be window shopping while they wait.

Embrace the Community

Now is not the time to be chintzy with your giveaways. Handing out your baked goods to be used in auctions around town or your cookies as the snack at the local Rotary club meeting is a great way to get your name and generosity out there. Consider making a regular donation to the local school for the teacher’s lounge or the fire or police station for the first responders. Community goodwill will come back to you with each new customer you earn.

Focus on the Customer

Focusing on the customer means giving very personalized attention to everyone who walks through your doors. It may take several purchases for a customer to become a regular, but it only takes one bad experience for that person to speak ill of your business over and over again as almost everyone loves to spread drama. Make sure to train your part-time and younger employees on how to give the best customer service.

Part of customer service is making your business easy to understand with clear signs of prices and key ingredients. Creating, and more importantly, updating a webpage and a Facebook or Instagram page will also ease the burden of the “when are you open” phone calls just as the scones need to come out of the oven. Keep up with your online presence and make sure that it’s accurate because no one likes a closed sign when they are jonesing for a chocolate chip cookie.

Owning a bakery can be a sweet deal if you embrace and are embraced by the community. The key is to get the word out about your product and to treat your customer and their taste buds so well they will be eager to come back for more.