How Manufacturers Produce Gray Iron Casting

It’s been years Gray Iron Castings Manufacturers are supplying their product range to automotive industry. Since time, many variations have been made in the distinct models to meet standards of present industry. Gray iron is one of the old casting materials and widely used in limitless industrial applications in automotive sector and tooling industry. Moreover, gray iron is easy to fabricate and manufacturers produce it in masses.

There are companies producing compacted gray and graphite iron castings, but not all of them have ability to produce quality range of products. Compacted graphite castings are common products introduced to contemporary industrial setting. The product was initially patented in late 1940 and has unique properties that make the material ideal for use in distinct range of applications. However, gray iron cast products are easy to machine and produce, but the material has low tensile strength due to more brittleness.

At present, there are more manufacturing centers in the market that are producing these castings. It is obvious that every consumer wants the best piece of casting for his application, but not every customer ever felt lucky! There are only few genuine casting parts suppliers across the world delivering quality material based castings to their clientele.

A gray iron casting has minimum 1.5% carbon and 0.3% silicon and magnesium, sulphur, and phosphorous. Still casting makers use the material to cast shapes easily. It’s an alloy of iron, silicon, and carbon that make the material brittle. Manufacturing foundries use molten pig iron and steel scrap to produce gray castings. They also use small additions of ferro silicon, carbon, ferro sulphide, ferro manganese, ferro silicon for reliable result for every melt batch.

Gray iron can also be alloyed with little portions of copper, vanadium, molybdenum, or chrome to create stronger and robust irons. This is done by engineers by controlling the level of pearlite and ferrite in the iron matrix. They only use annealing or stress relieving heat treatment for gray castings. They also use nickel up to 30% and little amount of chrome to enhance the properties of gray iron at high temperature.

Fig- Showing important factors to consider prior contracting with gray cast iron manufacturing company or foundry

Gray iron castings are easy to find and use, you can consider all of the above points to avail the premium range of gray iron castings manufacturers from the market.

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