How To Choose The Best Potassium Citrate Manufacturing Company In India?

Potassium citrate regulates the kidney functioning in the body. Potassium is actually an electrolyte and about 98% of potassium is present in our cells. There is however smaller levels of potassium found outside the cells which can have major effects on our heart, nerves, and muscles. If you have been prescribed to consume potassium citrate by the doctor make sure you consult the best manufacturing units of potassium citrate India in the market for genuine products with a long shelf life or expiry dates.

Benefits of Potassium
Potassium content in the body needs to be maintained for healthy functioning of muscles. The muscles gain and retain their ability to contract along with flexibility via potassium. It is also an important heart muscle regulator which enables it to beat and pump blood accurately. Also, the kidney regulates the potassium levels by eliminating excess potassium via urine. Lower potassium level conditions known as hypokalemia makes an individual weaker as the cellular process gets impaired.

Uses of Potassium Citrate
Potassium citrate makes urine less acidic in nature which eliminates uric acid and also helps to keep gout and kidney stones away. Also, potassium citrates can treat metabolic problems like acidosis caused by any kidney diseases.

Dosages and how to consume Potassium Citrate
Firstly, consult your physician for the right dosages of potassium citrate intake. Follow the instructions laid down on when to have and the gap between meals and the medicine. The medication from the leading manufacturers of potassium citrate India will provide better and faster absorption as the compounds used in the manufacturing is of superior quality and is available at reasonable prices.

It is advisable to consume these by swallowing with water. You are not supposed to chew or crush it! Generally it is advised to consume these with the meals and it is strictly advised not to consume in empty stomach. Another advice that doctors generally suggest is that you are not supposed to lie down within atleast 10 minutes of consumption of potassium citrates as it disrupts the absorption process.

Yet some other suggestions that your physician might lay down for you is to have a low sodium diet and include a lot of fluids and liquids. It is strictly advised that you are not allowed to changes dosages without the doctor’s suggestion. If you need to increase the dosage or have any side-effects consult your physician immediately.

Generally a pH or acid levels in the urine are checked and analysed before suggesting the dosages of potassium citrates. Doctors are able to study the acid level content and then they suggest the dosage levels accordingly.

Things to remember
Always share your health records and medical history with the doctor beforehand. The doctor needs to be aware of low calcium levels, severe diarrhea, heart problems like irregular heartbeat and heart failure, kidney disease, stomach or gut problems like irritable bowel, severe tissue damage like severe burns before he can prescribe potassium citrates. Also inform him if you are allergic to certain substances or any active ingredients. These allergic ingredients might react with the potassium citrates when you consume them and cause severe health issues.

Consume these from the premium manufacturers of potassium magnesium citrate India for authentic drugs after checking the expiry dates!

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