All of us love to see a piece of greenery at different corners of our house. Most of the people can not afford to have a garden surrounding their house but you can easily turn the little corners of your house into a haven of peace. You can easily plant some plants no matter how much free space you own. “If there is a will, there is a way”.

You can plant some plants under the free space of your staircase or put a pot on every step of the staircase. Also try out the extended portion of the window. In fact you can go for roof top garden if you have enough space on the roof. A plant in the corner of your drawing room can enhance its beauty. The greenery around will sooth your eyes and refresh your mind.

If you have enough space then you can also start your own nursery. Planting the seed is not a problem but the main challenge lies in growing and maintaining the plant. If you love plants then you can not only decorate your home but start a business of your own.

It doesn’t matter on which part of the world you are, you can take a little step to make this earth green. Whether you are living in Boston or Saluda you can always turn your dream into reality. If you want to get proper information before starting a nursery you can search on the Internet with keywords like plant nursery Saluda or garden center Saluda.

In order to start your own nursery what you need are small containers, soil and off course seed. Before you buy seeds always check the nearby nurseries to get an idea what plant seeds they are growing. It indicates what plants are in great demand and what plants you can sell.

Once you get an idea about the popular plants include them in your list. But remember that if people get some rare species of plant from you they will undoubtedly come to you. The unusual varieties will attract them. The exotic collection is sure to please the customers. The more variety you have, the better because often come to buy a selected plant. But if your collection can fascinate them they will surely end up buying a number of plants from you.

One more thing you should consider is that people like to buy organic plants devoid of any chemical or pesticides. If you have organic plants in your nursery the chances of your sell increases. People will not only buy from you but also refer your nursery to others.

It is not necessary that you only need to sell plants with flowers. Try to include some vegetable plants as well. People like to have plants of vegetables that they often have such as cucumber, chili, lemon etc. Especially in spring time you should focus on vegetable plants.

You can make your nursery stand out from that of others by offering houseplants, fruit bushes and vegetable plants. Always try to give something extra that none of your competitors do. Keep a variety of pots, gardening tools, planting tools, organic soil etc. Another great idea of retaining your customers is to offer them some information about the plants.

Give them a notebook containing information about the plant they are buying. This sincere effort on your part will undoubtedly be appreciated by the customers and be sure that they will only get back to you each time they plan to buy a plant.

Another thing you must be very careful about is labeling. Label all the seed pots and plants to avoid misplacement. This will also allow the customers to easily spot the plant they want to buy. This is in fact a signature of a good nursery.