Why Transformer Oil Filtration is an Essential Part of Production

Transformer Oil is an important fluid part used in a transformer. It functions as a coolant and insulating material to cool down the heat generated in a transformer as well as to insulate the primary winding from the secondary winding so as to avoid short circuits and burning up of the transformers.

The transformer oil that is going to be filled in the transformer should be dust free and moisture free and should be of good quality. Therefore, a process of Transformer Oil filtration is done so as to filter out or remove the contamination from the oil.

Many times, a question arises that “Why is there a need for Transformer Oil Filtration?” The answer is very simple and easy to understand. As it is known that the transformer oil used should be insulating in nature, and if there is any impurity like moisture or some gas particles that may conduct the electricity, then it will lead to a short circuit in the transformer.

This short-circuiting will completely damage the transformer. If we see another aspect of the transformer oil, it also acts as a dielectric medium in some capacitive transformers. And for a good voltage transformation, its dielectric strength should be high. Therefore, the presence of any kind of impurity in the transformer Oil can reduce its dielectric property as well as its other physical specifications.

Therefore, the transformer oil filtration process should be done to filter out all the contamination and impurities away from the transformer oil. The transformer oil filtration process takes place in three parts. First one is the removal of moisture or humidity content from the transformer oil.

This is done by raising the temperature of the transformer oil up to a required level by heating it in a clean container. This heat vaporizes the moisture present in the oil along with some gas particles.

The second one is the removal of sludge and dirt particles from the transformer oil either by centrifugal process or by filter candles. This part of the process uses some kind of machines to separate the sludge away from the transformer oil.

The 3rd part of the process is almost the last part where the removal of gas particles takes place. The gas removal is performed in the degassing chamber and is known as the degasification of the transformer oil. Thus, after degasification, the transformer oil is completely purified.