You may already know about the tribal tattoo and Ploynesian tattoo designs but do you know about the Native American tattoos? They are worn by natives as a part of their culture since they recognize it as their heritage. The people who settled in the United States in the early times were known for having symbolic tattoos too. So, if you thought tattoos are the invention of the modern world then you are wrong. Native Americans used to be deeply spiritual. They used to do ancient tribal tattooing as a part of a religious practice. The common designs they wore included reptiles, birds, and animals.

Just like everyone else in the ancient times, the Native Americans used sharp bones or rocks to carve a tattoo into their flesh. Later on, they would fill soot or natural dyes into the wound. After winning a war, men from the tribes used to receive tattoos that signified victory and conquest. Different tribes were known by the different type of tattoos they used to wear. They had different markings to identify tribes and the regions they belong to. Lots of people believed that these tattoos endowed them with strength and supernatural powers. They mostly used to wear tattoos of the animals depending on their strength.

Here are some Native American Tribal Tattoo Designs


If you want to inject your own personality in a tattoo, then nothing can better than a portrait. Make sure you ask the artists to add traditional Native American tattoo elements like a head wear into the design.


If you want to show your masculine side, then go for a skull design. It is best for those who have a bad ass personality.

Soaring Eagle

Eagles have been associated with Native Americans for a long time. Instead of just choosing blue or black ink, you can add colors in the tattoo to make it look more beautiful. For those looking for freedom or who want to soar high, this is a perfect way of getting stronger.


Native American tattoos are not just limited to headwear and animals, you will also find lots of accessory designs which you can wear as a fashion. It would make more sense if you can also include something else in the design instead of going for an accessory tattoo especially if you want to have a meaningful tattoo.


You will also find Native American wolf tattoos. Such a tattoo says that you accept the diverse heritage of your country.

If you are a Native American and you want a tribal tattoo and Polynesian tattoo from the art of your ancestors, then make sure you do proper research and choose the one that’s right for you.  You can get any design starting from a dream catcher, eagle, faces of Native American or other symbolic items.

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