Migration from IBM Domino to Exchange Online is Easy Now!

Users who want to perform migration from IBM Domino to Exchange Online can explore the different ideas available in this post. In this article, I will explain various techniques exist which more can help out to migrate Domino to Exchange Online without any single problem.

You know very well, that the Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration is not an easy task to perform because these both application are very important. So, just follow this post for getting complete information about the conversion process. Before to directly go with the solutions, let’s go through with the collection of basic knowledge about IBM Domino and Exchange Online.

What is IBM Domino?
Lotus Domino is the business collaboration application established by IBM for hosting dangerous applications, messaging (enterprise-grade mail), workflow, and offering security facilities for business-critical info. IBM Lotus Domino can be used also as a Web server and as an application server for the Lotus Notes email application, the client side of a client-server collaborative email application.

What is Exchange Online?
Microsoft’s Office 365 suite contain Exchange Online app, which is a popular hosted messaging email application that facilitates most of the companies with access to the full-featured edition of MS Exchange Server. It facilitates access to emails, calendars, address books and tasks for any endpoint device. Let’s collect the entire info at Exchange Online in more detail.

Various Features & Benefits of Exchange Online
So many features available in the Exchange Online application which attracts maximum users from Lotus Notes. The most trustworthy feature of Exchange Online is its hosted nature; services are accessed in the wide range of network (WAN), which results there are no Exchange Server application packages to organised and configure. Also, physical servers are not needed for support. This intensely overcome the capital expense and ongoing support for email services.

There are also considerable versatility for endpoints and email applications. As like, Exchange Online helps to support of remote access for user devices along with desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablets and Apple machines. Mobile devices such as iPhones, Androids, BlackBerry devices, Windows Mobileand Windows Phone are also involved. MS Exchange Online email is accessed with the help ofusually installed Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007 email clients.

How to Migrate Domino to Exchange Online?

Solution#1. Manual Method
Solution#2.Third Party Tool

Why I Will Not Suggest Manual Solution?
The point of discussion here is maximum user’s wants to go with the free solution for this, so they can go with manual solution. But the problem is manual techniques comes up with so many limitation while performing Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration procedure. Some of the drawbacks of this solution are mentioned below:

  • IBM Lotus Domino folder with maximum 1 GB file size can be converted by using IMAP Connector.
  • Any type of Firewall or proxy disallows Lotus Notes from connecting to the Internet connection.
  • Disabled IBM Lotus Notes email applicationrejects IMAP connection.
  • Only online items of Lotus Domino email is possible to convertinto OWA.
  • Once IMAP connector ends calendar conversion, it has to be performed manually.
  • There are maximum chances of data corruption in this process so creating the backup of complete database is must.

Third Party Tool to Migrate IBM Lotus Domino to Office 365
To overcome the above limitations of manual solution users can download Lotus Notes to Office 365 Converter Tool which is the most-appropriate solution to migrate Domino to Exchange Online account without any trouble. Using this amazing solution, any user can safely transfer the unlimited Lotus Mailbox to OWA at once click only.

Noteworthy Features & Benefits of Lotus Domino to O365 Tool:

  1. Enables user to transfer entire Lotus Notes mailbox to O365 account.
  2. Using a one click, user can convert unlimited Lotus Notes files to OWA.
  3. Login details of yourOffice Account is needed for the process.
  4. Provide security feature which can safely perform entire process.
  5. All Lotus Domino editions are well-supportable.
  6. Preview functionality available for user who want to brief view of their NSF emails.
  7. IBM Lotus Domino installation is mandatory to perform the conversion process.
  8. Compatible with all Windows editions such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 etc.

Winding Up the Post
As you can see above that the manual solution restrict the batch conversion and comes with so many limitations, so it’s better to go with the third party tool. It is the expert’s choice used by many users due to its amazing working functionalities. If any user interested to go with reliable solution, first download its free trial version to check the working capacity of the application before to go with the license edition. Free trial version is well-capable to migrate first 20 Lotus Notes items to Office 365 at free of cost. 

Author Bio
I am WeatsonGyatso, Senior Technical Analyst and investigator on the different techniques available in a marketplace for email conversion. Here, in the above post, I has explained both techniques available and suggested CubexSoft Lotus Notes to Office 365 software to perform the safe conversion.