When I Served Martini in the Wine Glass

Often, while designing our kitchens, we miss out on small details and don’t realise that they hold significance in the entire kitchen setting. But, there are some experts who help you to create the best designer kitchens and ensure that your kitchen looks just the way you want.

Apart from the fundamental designing concept, another important thing that you should know is what to use, when and how. Remember how Julia Roberts learnt how and when to use different spoons, forks and knifes in the movie Pretty Woman? Similarly, there are several glasses in your kitchen that are appropriate for different occasions.

When I first moved into the city, I was oblivious about this fact and unknowingly served a martini to an acquaintance in a wine glass. The look on their face was evident and I realised that I made a mistake – a somewhat colossal one for a martini lover!

The next day, I searched online about glasses and which drink is served in what type of glass. It was interesting and boring at the same time. Now that’s weird?

Yes, it is but you must know the reason behind it as well. It was interesting because I got to learn a lot and boring as it was confusing learning about glasses. C’mon who likes to know there are three types of wine glasses?

But, I figured out a way to remember which glass is used for what drink! Yaay!
But, before I reveal my little secret about it you must also know why should you use different glasses for different liquid?

The sole purpose of using a specific glass for a particular drink is to make the drink better and easy to consume.

For example, the size of the mouth of a glass helps release aroma of the wine and therefore, glasses matter. If an individual is unable to smell delicious aroma of the wine their desire to drink might fade away.

Without any further interruptions let’s get to know about glasses-

Wine Glasses
You may have noticed that wine glasses most wine glasses have rounder bowl and slim stem. The rounder bowl allows you to swirl wine without spilling it out while the slim stem prevents wine from getting warm.

White wine glass has a smaller mouth area as compared to glassware used for red wine. This is so that your white wine does not get oxidise too fast. On the other hand, flute glasses are preferred for sparkling wines. This design prevents the drink from going flat and preserves the bubbles in it. These glasses are also used for champagne.

You can enjoy drinking wine only when it is served at right temperature and when the glass spreads enhanced aromas.

Special Glassware
You cannot serve hot coffee in a random mug (unless you have a favourite mug and the coffee is for you). But, when you are serving an Irish coffee or hot Toddy then you definitely need a specific Irish coffee glass.

To be precise, a heat resistant glass with a handle. This specification allows you to comfortably hold the hot cup and enjoy your coffee without burning your fingers. The hurricane –lamp shaped glasses are used to serve hurricane cocktails.

Traditionally, martinis were served in the cocktail glasses but later on the drink evolved. A variety of vodka based ‘tinis’ became a part of the drink menu. This resulted in birth of martini glasses. These glasses are quite tempting due to their impeccable combination of unique glass shape and colourful martinis in it.

Whiskey Glassware
If the individual consuming the drink does not enjoy its flavours then they stay discontented.  This is so because the sole purpose of drinking is to enjoy the flavour at its best. The same applies for whiskey and hence whiskey glasses came into picture. They have a tapered mouth for easy drinking and wide bowl to show its colour.

Margarita Glass
If you are well-versed with traditional drinking habits, you might also know that margaritas were only served in margarita glass. These glasses can be described as a stepped-diameter variety of the traditional cocktail glass (these glasses have lengthy stem). Usually, people do not use these glasses for home purpose. Instead, they serve margaritas in pint glasses or old fashioned glasses.

Snifter Glasses
These glasses have slim and short stem which keeps the drink warm. Its large bowl allows you to swirl the drink without spilling it and the short mouth entraps its aroma.

Cocktail Glasses
Have you ever seen an inverted cone? Well, that’s exactly how a classic cocktail glass looks like! They are available in multiple size but people generally prefer sizes between 3-6 ounces. The shape of cocktail glasses evolved as people relished taking in the aroma of their cocktail drinks.

A highball glass is used to serve tall drinks which mostly comprises of non-alcoholic drinks poured over ice. Then there are rock glass or low ball glass-they have a solid base and hold 6-8 ounces of liquid.  These low glasses can also be used to serve neat drinks.