Linear Actuator in Daily Use

A linear actuator is known for its linear motion, which means it can be used for moving objects or heavy loads in a straight line. It is used in industries, factories, workshops, and other organizations where heavy objects need to be lifted. But do you know linear actuators are also used in our daily routine activities? Yes, it is true, it is around all of us, it’s just that people don’t observe it, and even if they see it, they don’t understand that it’s linear actuator.

Linear actuators are used in daily routine appliances and machinery, but one of its most common uses is in the application and creation of furniture. In furniture making, they help some processes and functions. In this modern world, a new trend towards furniture comfort and adjustability has grown day by day. The user focuses on the importance of relaxation after working hours at work, and comfort is also an important factor for them.

High quality linear actuator makes furniture better; intuitive to use and to create a smooth and continuous design all to create value for the end-user. The linear actuator also allows you to create a product according to customer need. A high-quality linear actuators role is to produce linear motion by applied any number of processes or functions, whether simple or complex. They can be used to shut switches off, turn controls on, raise or lower platforms and pull or push something along a conveyer belt. They found in furniture factories and the equipment that make said furniture.

Linear actuator products designed to be used on a daily basis whether you need compact designs or multifunctional solutions, they built to last for a lifetime. It means all the products, which are made from a linear actuator, are reliable, and they are thoroughly tested to meet all necessary market standards and requirements. High-quality linear actuator gives an open playground of opportunities to create precisely match what the market demands.

What type of furniture will you find an actuator? Mostly they found in desks, beds, laboratory stations, couches, and draft tables, etc. We can say that they are adjustable everywhere. Here are some examples of how they work.


You may have seen several things on desks that have the ability to move. All such desk and equipment on your desk contain linear actuator. In workspaces, schools and hospitals actuators are used in office desks that give them the ability to raise or lower the height to meet the needs of many different users. Your workstation always has a chair no matter what job you are doing, and you just love to adjust the height and tilt of your chair for your comfort and convenience. You are allowed to do so as it has a linear actuator placed inside the chair that is allowing you to move it the way you want. The chair is just the common example, you can see many other things in your office desk that can move because of the presence of linear actuator.


A lot of people have seen hospital beds for visiting any patient or for treating any issue. You may have also seen the moving hospital beds. The beds can be tilted upward and backward for the convenience of the patients. The beds can be moved in parts like only the head part can be lifted or the foot area, or there is also an option to increase and decrease the height of the bed. It happens because of the presence of linear actuators that allow you to adjust the bed the way you want.

Living Room Furniture

They can also use in-home furniture such as bedrooms, living room, sofas, and chairs. Most of the modern furniture is movable, and this can’t be possible with a linear actuator. So, whenever you are adjusting the height of your bed, sofa, or chair, you know it’s happening because of the linear actuator. There are many other furniture all around your home that can either tilt, move right and left or back and forth.

If you look closely the way it is moving, and the equipment attached to it that is responsible for that motion, then you will get to see that there is a device that is creating the motion. This device is called a linear actuator. You can even find linear actuator in your doors as it the only thing that is making your door open and close. So, the linear actuator is all around you, if you look at things closely, you will get to see a lot of examples of things that have linear actuator placed.

Whether you work in offices or you are at home, business or pleasure, furniture actuators are everywhere to make our lives easier and more comfortable. They add motion and functionality to furniture and the machines that make furniture, making the industry a completely safer and user-friendly.

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