Life Lessons You Can Learn From Senna’s Journey

Ayrton Senna, born on 21st March 1960, was a popular Brazilian racing driver who tragically died, much to the dismay of his many fans. In fact, he still has a huge positive influence on drivers and the audience who grew up watching his races. In his career, he has won three F1 World Championships for McLaren in the following years- 1988, 1990 and 1991.

No wonder he is believed to be one of the best F1 drivers in the history of F1 racing, right!? Like every other individual, he too took a small initiative in order to reach where he wanted to be. He began his career with karting and gradually shifted to open- wheel racing. In 1984, he made his F1 debut with Toleman-Hart. The following year he shifted to Lotus-Renault and successfully won six Grand Prix for the next three seasons.

All these laurels did not come his way all of sudden but he had to constantly work hard to earn them. He did possess some brilliant skills and made it a point to use them optimally and at the right time when they are needed. Here are some of the important lessons which he taught us and can probably encourage us to be better individuals-

Have a focus and constantly improve-

Focus plays a pivotal role in any work you do-be it as simple as chopping vegetables or taking a crucial business decision. The ability to strongly focus on your work helps you to determine valuable insights understand your situation better. If you bring this in practice you are likely to constantly improve and learn more and more without getting stuck on a dead end.

Besides, your process becomes interesting as well as fascinating as you keep learning new stuff all through the journey. You can say that learning and focus is directly proportional in this situation-the more you focus more you are going to learn which results in successful accomplishment of your goals. Hence, the key is never stop learning and always be curious just like a child so that you learn new things everyday!

Hard work is the key-

If you prefer to work hard merely to achieve the goals you are likely to feel satiated once you achieve the goal. But, if you intend to work hard to learn more and new techniques in the process you are less likely to come across this feeling.

Your journey does not come to a standstill even after the goal is achieved instead you are constantly dedicated to search for better alternative options to get your work done and try to put your best foot forward.

Push your own limits-

Most individuals restrict themselves by setting a finish line in their mind as per their situation. And, when you  reach that finish line, you are either not motivated or reluctant to go beyond that line.

But, we forget that with strong mind power, positive instinct, sturdy determination and past experience we can achieve better than what we expect from us. So, never, restrict yourself by setting a limit instead based on your history try to push yourself and achieve a new level.

It’s similar to when you play game on your phone. Initially, you aim to learn the trick to win a level but gradually when you learn it, you aim to reach a bigger score by each passing level.

Discover yourself-

Although, Senna sometimes felt lonely while driving a Grand Prix car but he enjoyed the thrilling experience and the new sensations. This feeling in a way motivated him to perform better.

With each race, he got to know more about himself. He got to see a different side of his and pushed himself harder to discover more about himself. Similarly, you can get to know yourself better at each and every phase of your work/life and understand your habits if you keep moving ahead and continuously work hard.

Desire to attain goals in life-

If you do not have a goal in your life you may aimlessly wander and fail to achieve anything constructive or fruitful out of it. But, on the other hand, if you plan specific goals and strive to achieve them then there is high probability that you will live a meaningful life.

The desire helps you to experience different set of mental and emotional ride which you are less likely to go through otherwise. For example, ever since I had watched F1 races of Senna, I had fetish to ride F1 car but I procrastinated the desire. But, then while reading an article I got to know about the formula one simulator and wanted to experience the thrilling experience all by myself. And I did it!

Well, this was just one of the desires which I recently successfully fulfilled but there are more serious goals in life which we tend to overlook (sometimes procrastinate) to achieve. So, make sure that you have the courage to understand such goals and take initiative to achieve them.

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