One of the primary concern for novice android app developers is regarding the choice of the programing language. You can find various programming languages in the market, such as Java, C++, Kotlin, etc. However, if you want to learn any programming language for Android app development, join the best android app development course for beginners online today.

Programming Language:

A programming language is a standardized framework for creating commands. We can say that it is a set of rules used to define a specific program. Programming languages are also used to build algorithms and formulas that solve problems using the software.

One of the main proposals of programming languages is that programmers have greater productivity. It allows them to create code more easily than when compared to the language that a computer natively understands: machine code. Without learning language, you cannot become an expert app developer.

If working as an Android app developer is your dream job, then join the best android app development course for beginners online. But, which programming language to choose: Java or Kotlin? Let us see some more information on these two.


Java is a bit more friendly language for beginners. Java is not related to JavaScript. It is a very universal object-oriented language. Most languages ​​work by converting the code into a language. But the Java first converts your code into another language and then you can convert it to work on any operating system.

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Java Primary Features – 

  • Java gives error messages and helps you define what is wrong with your code.
  • It is simple and object-oriented.
  • Java is platform-independent and distributed programming language.
  • It is safe, solid and multithreaded
  • It adapts perfectly to all types of devices.
  • Almost any element or application can be designed.

Importance of Java in Programming

Java allows designing apps that can be executed and distributed on different platforms, without the need to modify them and even without thinking about the architecture of the machine. Thanks to the Java Virtual Machine, it creates a bridge between the application and the device hardware.

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Kotlin is similar to Java. However, it is considered by the developer community to be more accessible to understand. Considered as an open source platform, this statically-typed language is compatible with functional programming and object-oriented system. Kotlin has variants: JVM, JavaScript and native code.

Kotlin is a newer language developed by Google. Kotlin is a developer-created language for veteran and novice programmers. It will give you a friendly introduction to computing and teach you some Java along the way. Java is the predominant language of Android programming.

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Kotlin Primary Features – 

  • One of the main features of Kotlin is its compatibility with Java. Thus, all APIs that run on Java also run on Kotlin. And, this is what makes Kotlin superior than Java.
  • JDK 6 compatible, Kotlin has full support of Android Studio.
  • It works with the Object Oriented Programming and Functional Programming paradigms.
  • Uses inference to define data types when it is evident.
  • Kotlin supports efficient incremental compilation. SO, it is faster than Java. Join the best android app development course for beginners online and learn more features of Kotlin.

Conclusion: Why Develop for Android with Kotlin?

Basically, there is not much difference between Java and Kotlin. Both are crucial and each one has different characteristics. There are certain features and adaptability that makes KOTLIN the most preferable programming language. Compared to Java, it is relatively a new concept. However, JAVA is not new. It has practical experience in the field of app development.

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