An inverter spot welder is widely used for joining metal in cars, trucks, buses, trains, and aircraft. These welders are a common sight at workshops and a wide range of industries. Most spot welders come with modern features. Inverter technology allows for low consumption of power which makes the equipment cost efficient. Spot welding is commonly used in thin sheet metal welding.  You put two pieces of sheet steel between the two electrodes and hit a button. The welding arc zaps between the two electrodes and welds the two pieces together. Inverter spot welders are widely used in the automotive industry.

The new models have a user interface, where you can select the type of material you want to weld and its thickness. The spot welder will then auto-select the time it will take to weld such items and also the amount of power that will be used for the process. Users are able to modify the time and power settings as per their requirements. The weld itself takes only a second and one can join together as many pieces of metal they like.

Inverter spot welder allows users to get hundreds of welds at a time. The transformers are designed to work smoothly and consistently. Water is used to keep the equipment from overheating.  Cooling water travels to the tip of the electrode which allows for better cooling and higher performance.

Electrodes are used to apply pressure on the surface of the metal pieces that are to be joined. In resistance spot welding the heat is obtained from a fight with the electric current. It is possible to connect metal to huge structures using this fabrication process.

Basically, there are only 3 types of welders, gas welders, arc welders, and spot welders. Gas welders have a torch that heats and melts the base metal. For the welding process, the gas that is used is a combination of acetylene and oxygen. This type of welding process is best suited for welding pipes. The temperatures of the torch flame can be adjusted, and it can be used for cutting, brazing, and bending metals.

On the other hand, the arc welding process uses an arc that is created by an electric current. There is a wide array of arc welders available on the market for welding various types of metals. These are used in various types of conditions. When you want to join thin sheets of metals a spot welder will do the job right. You can get a weld in a single location fast. In the automotive industry, the use of robots to make welds is common.  These robots are designed to make hundreds of spot welds on the car assemblies.   The robots make for flexibility in production. Today, many car producers design production lines for the random production of many variants and are able to introduce new car models quickly.

Recent innovations in welding include beam welding where a beam of high-velocity electrons is applied to two materials to be joined. Electron-beam welding is a fusion welding process which is ideal when the application requires a very precise, clean weld with nominal heating of the material. The beam welder consists of a device for generating a focused beam of high-speed electrons with speeds of 0.3 to 0.7 times the velocity for light. This device is called the electron gun. It is mounted on an evacuated chamber or within it. The chamber contains tooling that holds and moves workpieces.

Mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum are the most commonly welded metals. Cast iron and titanium can also be welded using the correct equipment. A good weld does not shift or break over time, it is strong and thus permanent. Parts of two metals melt and then cool down in a joint.  With the right equipment, welding can be performed underwater and also in vacuum space. When you have to weld two parts together and do not know much about welding, it is advisable to get professional help. Welders have to protect themselves from the electric current, gases and high temperature and use masks, leather aprons, gloves, and leather coveralls.

An inverter spot welder makes production and repair welds in the medical, aerospace, defense, electronics, energy, and architectural industries. These welders are useful in industrial automation due to their high repetition rates.  The AVIO welders are high-quality Japanese welders and are popular due to their high frequency. Electrodes for the welders are offered online in various materials. These can also be custom made to meet the unique needs of clients.

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