Future Internet of Things: Is It Beneficial Or Harmful?

New technology has always been met with disbelief. There were some scientists in the 14th century, who were labelled Anti-religious and had to pay heavy penalties and punishments. Example – Galileo. The same has continued even to the present day. But any new technology product, will first give benefits to the public.

Then the same technology can become an addiction. For example, the internet, computers and mobiles. When mobiles came, only the rich could buy the models. And mobiles were invented for saving time. Now, the same mobile takes away much of your time because you tend to watch videos and read articles at your free time. In this article of the future in internet of things, we delve into the points of whether the new technology is beneficial or harmful.

Similar events occurred thirty five years ago. Bill Gates wanted to put a computer in every office desk. They finally achieved the dream. Now, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has the dream to make every human being in the world get connected. Now, the focus is on Internet of Things and its benefits. Yes, there are multiple advantages. No doubt. But only as long as there are proper security measures with intervention from the Government. Or else, every individual may face vulnerabilities regarding his/her presence in the world.

Recent Trend
Just look around yourself. Every item has become ‘smart.’ There is a internet connection in every object. Even home appliances for that matter. Let us look at the common items. Door locks, cars, refrigerators, washing machine and many more. Yes, even the small scale industries have jumped into the bandwagon. But usually this technology is led by corporate giants such as Amazon, Samsung and Apple.

Amazon has unveiled its microwave oven that can get controlled by Alexa. It can also act in tune with other smart appliances. So, the internet has stepped into home improvement. Although the content in this article may look silly, dangers lurk in internet. If you want to know more about the internet issues and security, kindly read the book, Click Here To Kill Everybody by Bruce Schneier.

Danger Zone In the Future of Internet of Things
Making all the home appliances and every object connected to the internet may turn the entire world to a danger zone. There are genius hackers around the world. If they find any chinks in the armor, you may lose your entire identity. And put National Security at risk. According to security experts around the world, every National Government will have to put a agency or office. This will comprise of a team which will work on challenges around the Internet of Things and fix the problem.

In prior times, people faced challenges in embedding smart technology to their home. But now with special made devices, such as Alexa Connect Kit, you can connect any type of appliance with the internet.

Benefits of Smart Appliances & The Future of Internet of Things
You are tired and have come home after a hard day’s work. You can tell the microwave to reheat the food. There are smart microwave ovens which can order popcorns. The washing machine can send you an alert after the process cycle. But what will happen if a hacker comes into your system? Then he can create mayhem in all the appliances. The washing machine will spin by itself and the situation seem right out of a ghost movie. Compare the same to Apple products such as iPhone. The security software gets updated to make the device secure. Apple has a responsibility to live up to its brand name.

When it comes to low margin home appliances, the manufacturers are less concerned about the security of customers. In the US, the FBI had to warn parents about Smart toys and the dangers around them. There are many businesses which are shifting to cloud technology. And when every business has got there, the little are chances of intrusion.

There is also another problem, that too much of intrusion into technological development may hamper innovation. The main reason, why techies do not like to talk about security issues. But when National Security comes to the picture, then there are occasions that the local Governments may have to take a firm stand.

Imagine a situation. You reside in Hyderabad and have variety of smart appliances in your home. Let us say that the geyser needs maintenance. You came to know about it because of an alert from the appliance. Now, the warranty period has expired. And you have no time to search for the best technician skilled in geyser repair in Hyderabad.

The best way is to search for companies specializing in home services in Hyderabad who have experienced handyman professionals in their payrolls. You just have to download the app, and place a request. The concerned professional will come on your scheduled time and fix the problem. But there also exists a challenge.

And these professionals are verified by the home service companies. So they are trustworthy reliable professionals. If the professional is a freelancer, chances are he might hack your Wi-Fi password. There are chances that hacking may take place, and he can rob your confidential information to siphon off the money from your account to his own account. The reason, even your bank account is connected to the internet.

So the challenge remains. In the future, every area will have a internet wall and a security domain expert.

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