Info on Voice Controlled Gadgets

How did man become superior to other animals? The main reason was he made the best use of technology. Right from the day, the wheel was invented to the railway coach, technology made man superior to all the other creatures on this earth. Just imagine the situation three decades ago. Do you feel anyone would have believed if the entire electronic equipment of a home can be controlled by just a single mobile?

Electronic Appliances
Yes, it has happened. In recent times, manufacturers of electronic appliances have started designing model versions that use little electrical energy. Also, these appliances, you can control via your mobile and also keep updates.

In Recent Times
Now, you have a mobile which can be controlled by just a touch. The same aspect has extended even to electronic appliances. Now, you have models which can get activated by the sound of the voice or just a mere touch. In this article, we share the info on voice-controlled gadgets.

Some gadgets mentioned in this article, you can command by voice. There is also information on watches (you can control via voice). So, this article on voice-controlled gadgets is all set to make you tongue-tied.

1. Ivee
Do you find difficulty in rising up in the winter? Then you have an alarm clock set-up. The sound it makes has you jumping out of the bed. Unless you hammer the device on the head, it never stops. But Ivee, on the other hand, is designed to shut the alarm when you give the command via your voice. You can either switch it on or off. Yes, there are multiple benefits such as stocks, weather, news so have a look for this voice controlling device.

2. Sony SmartWatch 3
It is worth buying a device from a brand. Every feature will be tested before the entire device makes an entry into the market. This specific version from the Sony brand, you can control via your voice. You can also get updates about weather, get directions if you are in a new place or make hotel reservations. But please watch out for the road, as you will be busy looking at your watch.

3. Samsung Smart TV
Do you always have trouble finding the TV remote? Then this TV is for you. In the future, this version is going to be present in all the Indian homes. You can switch on/off, access apps, make a shift to other channels or just search on the web by just your voice commands.

4. Amazon Echo
Have you ever used the Voice Assistant Siri? Then you will like Amazon Echo. It is easy to activate the Amazon Echo with a mere password. And afterward, all your problems get solved. You can do the shopping list, and also get info about the news, stocks, and weather.

5. Vocca Light
What is the biggest problem when you come home in the evening after a hard days’ work? Switching on the lights? Okay, we have the solution. But the Vocca light switch. Yes, it comes with a mobile app. But you do not have to fumble for the electrical outlets. The lights can get scheduled. You can also control them with your voice.

6. Honeywell Thermostat (you control via Wi-Fi)
In the middle of a deep sleep? Want to increase the temperature of your room? Okay, you have the voice-controlled Honeywell Thermostat. In this model, you can also control via the smartphone, computer or tablet.

7. Moto Hint
Moto Hint (you guessed right – it is indeed from Motorola). You can control the device via the voice-activated earbud. Now, you can keep the phone in your bad while traveling. But it can listen and act to every command of your mobile.

8. Speakerphone (Plantronics K100 Bluetooth)
You can clip this device on the visor of your car. The best advantage – it takes care of the echos. So, you can hear clearly the voices made on calls. Also, you can listen to music/podcasts. After all, what are A2DP enabled phones for? Not to mention the other benefit of hands-free features.

9. Girl Tech Password Journal 8
The name says “Journal” but to be honest, it is a diary. If you are a tech geek girl, you can use the diary to give wings to your opinions. Yes, you can keep the secrets. You just say the password and the diary opens.

10. Skully Smart Helmet
When technology has crept into every device of your home, can helmets and riding be far behind? So, we have smart helmets. Now, you can safely ride motorbikes. This model has a GPS navigation display system, rear view camera with a 180-degree angle and Bluetooth. The most important part – you can control via the voice.

11. Homey
Imagine you are having five smart appliances in your home. Now, for giving commands, you have to open every app, and then do the needful. How easy will it be if you can control every appliance with just one device? With the Homey glowing orb, you can connect every device and control them with just your voice. You can also make adjustments to thermostats, and light switches right from this device.

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But in the future, you may have a different story. The smart TV may have been programmed to send an alert to your mobile, in case it needs maintenance. After you get the alarm, you can hire a TV repair expert for maintenance.