No matter how unique your furniture is or how appealing the colours on the walls are, when it comes to the interior of your house, it all boils down to lighting!

Lights play a huge role in making or breaking your home’s interior design, since it has the ability to not only add in a hint of drama, but also to modify the entire look of artwork, colours on the wall and furniture. Moreover, it has an impact on our overall well-being and mood.

Now that you know how essential lights are, how is it that you can make the best use of it and let it brighten up your entire house, whilst making you feel out of this world?

The answer is right there – Windows!
When you think of it, they are there not only to keep the weather out; in fact, windows are what help you open up the living area.

But you cannot simply choose any window and get it fixed in your house. Since, even windows act as a feature, it is really important for you to make a wise choice – after all, why have an amazing, south-facing garden when you don’t have the right window that lets it pour into your living area?

However, before we get down to how you can brighten and open up your living space with the help of windows, let’s understand why your choices in windows are so essential.

The importance of you choosing the right window!
If you’re planning to allow light to enter your house… well, then you’re right there!  Apart from reflecting your personality and signature style, windows must also be able to let fresh air and broad daylight in your life (of course, while keeping cold at bay!). Moreover, gone are those days, when every other household had those “one size fits all” PVC-U doors and windows.

At the present time, you’ve got the opportunity to customise windows as per your colour, shape and size requirements. And if you’ve been thinking of getting an all-year-round aluminium frame, then nothing better than it, since they’re durable and last for a longer period of time – 80 years to be precise!

No matter whether you’re purchasing a brand new property or trying to bring an old house back to life, never try to limit your choices when it comes to choosing a window – with countless options available in the market, ensure that you’re making windows the central aspect of your interior design and get the one that’s way more than simply being practical.

Now that we know why selecting the perfect window is important, let’s see how you could use them to brighten up your gloomy living area.

Get your creative juices flowing!
When you are in the middle of designing your house, it is easier for you to entrap yourself into making use of windows that are very basic. But when you can create an altogether new style, why not break free from conventional placement, sizes and shapes?

Give yourself and your living room a change by picking up windows which will not only help you add a pinch of your personality, but also lets you make the most out of what nature has to offer.

For instance, go for roof windows which could be added to your existing walls, whilst giving the entire living space a 360 o panoramic sight. The impact that these will have on your house will certainly leave you open-mouthed – mark our words!

Open it up!
When you go for windows allowing the light to enter your living space, you are, in fact, going an extra mile to add that much-needed dimension which can turn it into a house you’ve always dreamt of!

That apart, with the help of natural light you can make your room feel brighter and lighter; moreover, you can make the area look spacious. Also, light toned, neutral floors and walls go hand in hand with natural lights, meaning by pairing the two you’ll be able to enhance the overall look your room.

If you can get that window relocated to another wall… well, nothing great like it! Mind you, replacing your windows in sync with sunrise and sunset works wonders in allowing more amount of light to enter your living space.

Well, at the end of it all choosing just the right window, which suits your personality, will make your space look stylish, harmonise the place and open it up to the outside beauty. But that doesn’t mean you should compromise on its versatility and durability. All that you require is a little bit of creativity and inspiration!