How To Plan A Budget-Friendly Wedding

You might have dreamt of having a fairy-tale wedding but when you begin the process of planning a wedding, you get a reality-check. It is then that you start to realise the actual amounts being charged right from the bouquets you desire, to the venue itself. Along with the usual wedding jitters, couples also experience additional financial pressure and the fear that they might have to pool in their entire life savings to make their wedding day memorable.

But if you don’t plan to splurge many years of savings on your wedding, you can set a specific budget to make sure that you don’t overspend on your wedding. Discussed below are some of the tactics that you can apply to ensure that you stick to your budget…

Set a budget

Most couples start planning for their wedding by searching for the venue, décor, menu and such other tasks. But, if you wish to plan a wedding within your budget then you surely need to figure out what your ideal budget should be. You cannot just randomly pick an amount and set it as your budget.

You will have to take into account various costs and factors such as how grand you want your wedding to be, do you want a destination wedding,or a more intimate setting, among various other considerations. Considering all important relevant factors will help you to set a realistic budget and use it optimally.

You can sit with your partner and discuss each others expectations from the wedding ceremony, which will help you to cut down on unnecessary expenses. You can share the same with your parents so that they can also suggest you with suitable options.

The Wedding gown

You may have always dreamt of a picture-perfect gown for your wedding and as a result had eyes on the most expensive gown at the boutique. Although, you are flattered by the gown and it’s perfect fit, you need to remember that it comes with unwanted financial baggage.

Look for alternate bridal designer salons and boutiques in the city that offer you beautiful gowns within your price range. There are some boutiques that offer dresses on special discounted prices, possibly look for such an arrangement so that you can save some money.

The wedding venue

Having a grand ‘destination wedding’ might be a dream come true for you but, managing that within stringent budget constraints is incredibly tricky. However, there are some dreams which can be lived for real and fit within your budget.

One of these dreams is saying ‘I do’ on a F1 race course or in a F1 car. You can select an amazing venue which offers your guests the chance to see a formula one driving simulator along with many beautiful life-size cars with your favourite F1 team’s logo emblazoned on it.

You can also include other fancy props and enjoy an amazingly realistic F1 driving experience on your D-Day.

The wedding Décor

You can find ways to save some money by choosing economic alternatives for your wedding decor. For example, you can avoid an expensive fresh flower décor style and instead opt for artificial flowers. If you love fresh flowers then you must pick a combination of your favourite flowers that fits within your budget.  You can use the same bouquet combination for your bridesmaids and flower girl as well.

Check your guest-list

Simply cutting down your guest-list can save you from paying many unwanted and additional costs. Having a long list of guests whom you hardly meet or are no longer friends with can cost you additional pounds. So avoid inviting long lost friends and family members.

Try to make your wedding day an intimate affair as this gives you an opportunity to enjoy it and save costs as well. Besides, a concise guest list gives you an opportunity to look for small or mid-sized venues instead of grand ones which charge high prices.

Apart from the venue, you also save money on food. When you have limited guests you can opt for a better food menu instead of a more basic option which you would have been forced to opt for when expecting an army of guests.

During the planning process, investigate as many cost cutting opportunities as possible without compromising on your happiness or expectations from the wedding ceremony. There are some basic desires for wedding which no bride would like to compromise and they ideally shouldn’t.

This way, you can make your day special and memorable for you and your partner.