How To Decorate Your Living Room

Redoing your living room? There are many ways and budgets to achieve this. You can go for a complete change with a heavy spend or just make superficial changes that are still very effective. The ideal times, of course, when you are starting out. This is when you have the most flexibility of choice — when you can pick and choose as you want, from wood flooring suppliers to the right furniture.

Pick a style

The first thing to do is pick a style. It could be anything that appeals to you — classical, modern, industrial, modern, rustic chic or anything that suits you. It is important that the style you pick is something that appeals to you personally and not something that someone recommended. It should be in tune with your personality and tastes. In fact, you do not have to put it in a box! Just think of a style that you like. Many people create a look ‘board’ for their ideal home. These are pictures they have cut out from magazines and other mediums which showcase their dream decor.

How To Decorate Your Living Room

Pick you furniture carefully

The mood of a living room is often set according to the furniture in the room. But there are many other factors to be considered, such as the space. Heavy and large pieces will take a lot of space and are hence, are unsuitable for a small room. They also take too much visual space. Small pieces, on the other hand, will make a large room look empty and vacant. So, the first rule is to pick the furniture as per the room. Then you have to think of the type of furniture you like, whether it is wood, metal or a combination both.

You have to also consider the decor style and the rest of the room. For instance, an industrial style will do well with wood and metal, while a classical style asks for more elegant furnishing. This includes soft furnishings like sofa upholstery.

Think of the colour theme

Colours are one element that will permeate every other aspect of your living room. This is how you will pick curtains and upholstery. Even the wood you use will have different hues. Wood flooring suppliers today offer different colours to reflect the different natural grains. So, what are the colours that most appeal to you? There are some factors you must keep in mind when deciding this. For instance, dark colours absorb light and often make a room seem smaller. Pastel shades are often more suitable in such conditions. However, certain colours like red and blue also offer more warmth.

The colours should be something that you like. But there are just a couple of rules that you must keep in mind. First, think of a base colour. This could be the colour of your sofa upholstery, since this takes up the maximum visual space. Now select other colours around this primary shade. Second, think of contained contrasts. For instance, blue and green or maroon and cream. Avoid using too many contrasting colours. It can look chaotic. Balance prints with monochromes. In the same manner, avoid using the same colour everywhere.

Colours are also important when selecting the floors. You can ask your wood flooring supplier for the appropriate colour — a mahogany, white, red or brown.

Picking the lighting

A living room is used for many purposes — entertaining as well as relaxing. So, think of layered lighting. You will need bright illumination. But you should also provide for softer lighting more appropriate for mood lighting. Then think of lighting instruments. Tube lights are passé. Concealed lighting, lamps and roof lights are more common these days. Lamps are also an important part of your room accessories. So, choose them carefully.

The right floor

The floor can make all the difference and luckily, you have many choices here. From wood, natural stones, tiles and cement — there is something for every taste and budget. One of the popular choices is composite wood. Made of natural fibre and plastic, these floors look completely natural without the fuss that one gets with actual timber.

Composite wood is resistant to moisture, fire, infestations and is extremely low maintenance. It is far cheaper. In addition, wood flooring supplier offer an unbeatable range in colours, textures and finishes.

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