Even with the speedy development of Window computer, it slows down over time due to the accumulated unwanted junk. If you feel your system is taking time to respond your commands then you need to recover disk space to enhance the speed. So, today we are going to talk about how to boost the performance of your Windows 10.

Run Latest Windows Update

Windows computer is designed in such a way that it runs update automatically. However, there are many times when you need to install some of the updates manually. Moreover, it is also recommended to keep your system updates to get enhanced performance.  Follow the below steps to run the latest Windows Update.

Step 1: Navigate Settings.
Step 2: Choose Update & Security.
Step 3: Select the Windows Update.
Step 4: Hit on Check for updates button.

Update Your Drivers

When you’re running an outdated driver then you might experience the slow and sluggish performance of your machine. To resolve this, you need to keep your driver updated. Follow the steps to update your drivers in the simplest way.

Step 1: Go to the Start button.
Step 2: Now, you need to look for Device Manager and then choose the top result.
Step 3: Expand your device category for the device that you’re interested in updating.
Step 4: Now, you need to right-click on it.
Step 5: Choose Update Driver and check for the latest updates.

Step 6: Hit