Something that is used in everyday life, at both homes and businesses, is plastic! Just about everywhere you look you’ll find something made of plastic.

The reason plastic is so prevalent is that it can be molded and shaped to fit very specific needs. Plastic can be manufactured to the exact specifications that someone needs. Below are a few ways that plastic is manufactured.

Blow Molding

Blow molding is a process that forces air pressure through hollow plastics to enlarge and mold them, hollowing out the inside of the object. There are many different processes for blow molding. The most basic process uses a parison, or a melted thermoplastic.

Injection and Extrusion Molding

Some of the most common methods of plastic manufacturing Conway AR are injection molding and extrusion molding. Injection molding uses a heated barrel to melt resin pellets inside an injection machine.

An auger is used to ensure the melted plastic moves forward evenly. The machine creates a metal mold from the melted plastic. Extrusion molding is similar to injection molding.

With this method, the machine melts the plastic to get a fixed shape by pressing the melted plastic through a die. This method is popular for many different products like door seals, door frames and pipes.

Rotational Molding

Many manufactures use rotational molding for things like furniture, toys and auto parts. This method is another way to manufacture hollow objects.

The way this is done is a plastic powder is placed inside the mold and is then heated. While heated the mold is rotated, allowing the powder to coat the inside of the mold.

The plastic is melted into one layer and it conforms into the shape of the mold, while still leaving the inside of the finished product hollow.

There is quite a science behind manufacturing plastic. Plastics are so common because they can be molded and formed to fit everyday life.