How Auli Is Best Place To Visit?

Auli is the place situated in the North Indian state called Uttarakhand. It is not popular some years before but at present, it reaches the topmost hottest tourists spots of India. There are so many places and things to enjoy your vacation days. This place has everything you want. As it is the hill station and located in the height of 2800 meters there will be chill and cold temperature. The climate is always good to enjoy. Also in Auli tourism, you can see a lot of mountains covered with snow, coniferous forests, ski resorts and many more. 

How unique is this tourist place?

The places located in this tourist spot bring uniqueness to your eyes. What kind of place wants it has everything right from adventurous to artificial. That is why this place is considered as a well-known place to spend your holidays. 

Artificial lake:

  • Auli’s artificial lake is the largest globally. It is the manmade lake has huge size than the other lakes. If you choose to visit this place then it takes time for you to realize whether it is real or artificial one. That is why you want to visit here the construction made here will make your mouth opened it resembles the original lake actually. One of the notable and place you never ever should miss visiting whenever you visit Auli.
  • This lake is made by the government in order to conduct ski games. Yearly in this place, this game is conducted to encourage and engage tourist with this spot. If you visit here then you will have a different skiing experience why because the ski slopes are good and will pour fresh water during low snowfall time. It is generally called as “Switzerland of India” and nearby this place “Clifftop club hotel”. 

Nanda Devi Park:

  • Nanda Devi Park is the national park and it is an important tourist spot in Auli. You can a lot of animals and species in this park. In the year of 1988, UNESCO declared this park as the world heritage. This park will be opened for 6 months from 1st May and close on 31st October. The right time to visit this place is that middle of June to middle to middle of September.

Chattrakund Lake:

  • It is located in a distance of 4 km and it will stun by means of the shiny water in May month. In order to see its beauty tons and tons of visitors will visit and spend some time year.


  • Joshimath is the best place to visit in Auli and it attracts all the tourist’s people by means of its stunning look and several activities. In this place there are so many numbers of activities are conducted such as trekking, hiking, mountain climbing and many more. it is the place where you can undergo so many things. If you choose Auli tourism then you will witness so many flora and fauna plus chill climate. 

Moreover, regarded otherworldly ramifications focus, Joshimath is educated with incredible edges striking scenes, appealing timberlands, and venture through serene setting lines. The runs going with this zone are the best spot increased in value by courageous individuals. Joshimath contains in excess of a couple of consecrated holy places of Narasimha sanctuary which achieves more significant than others.