WordPress is an open source language that is written in PHP. It was developed in the year 2003 and works as a content management system (CMS) or content management framework. WordPress is a plug-in architecture and a template system. WordPress is majorly used for blogging purposes or creating a website. The nature of WordPress is search-engine friendly and supports tagging of the posts. With the help of WordPress, you can host a website and also start an online store.

The setup cost for WordPress is lower and also has less maintenance cost. Anyone with the right skills and ideas can make use of WordPress. WordPress app developers can also be hired, in case you need a better professional approach. Finding and hiring WordPress developers is quite easy, but there are certain things you must know before hiring a WordPress developer.

Take it easy while choosing one

It is quite possible that you will be impressed with the first developer you get in touch with. But a final decision can’t be made until you make a comparison. Do not rush into making a decision. Be patient and make the right choice.

Get in touch with the developer

Have a conversation about your project with the developer. Take into consideration their ideas and inputs. This will help you understand if they are the right fit or not.

Do not get attracted by the cheap prices

WordPress developers offer attractive prices but that might result into a bad website. Along with the prices and the budget, you must mention the payment milestones according to which you will be paying the developer.

Upgrades and maintenance should be watched out

The developer needs to emphasis on the upgrades and maintenance of the website. It is important as every website needs regular maintenance.

Be punctual with the deadlines

A developer often works on multiple projects. Make sure your product is delivered to you on time.

Create a brief of your project

Having a project brief will help you in communicating with the developer properly. Communicate the exact goal of your project including the themes, features, customizations etc. You must also talk about your budget. A project brief must include the time brief or the time period you are expecting the developer to finish the project in.

This will help the developer to be on track and it will help you plan out other things for the website. The design guidelines including the look and feel of the design must also be discussed with the developer. Once this is done, it is important to do a success evaluation of the website with the help of your developer.

Find a good developer by the way of:

Google Search tricks

Making use of Google Search is one of the best ways you can find a WordPress developer. Once you get the search results, you can take a look at the website or the blog, along with their portfolio and testimonials. If you find it impressive, you can further talk about your assignments with the specific developer. A generic search query will not be helpful. You might have to be more specific in the search you do. You can make changes to your search query the way you like.

Job Boards

Job boards are definitely a great place to find a variety of talent in one single place. It is not like Google Search, where you have to find time to search for them and then contact them individually. The developers on these job boards will directly be able to contact you. This will help you save a lot of time. You just need to list the job requirements on these sites.

Make use of outsourcing sites

Another great way to find good WordPress developers is to post your project on outsourcing sites where developers can view your project requirements and bid on it. The bidder with the most suitable skill set and pricing can be given a chance. Developers also post their past projects on these sites for you to take a look at those projects and know what to expect from the developers. This is said to be one of the easiest ways to find the right kind of developer for your website.


The process of finding the right WordPress developer for your project is not difficult at all. You just need to be very clear with your requirements and pricing. This is required because if you are clear then you will be able to communicate better with the developers.

This will also help the developers in having a proper understanding of the project and what you expect from them. Above-mentioned are some of the successful ways of find the right WordPress developer for your project, you can also try different ways of doing this be it online or offline.