Generator Parts and Accessories Help Improve Performance

Power outage causes several tribulations for both homes and businesses. Lighting, heating and cooling systems and life support machinery are lost in a blink when a hurricane or storm causes a power breakdown. Owning a generator allows us to take care of our home and business, meet emergencies, and carry on with our daily lives as usual.

On the market, you will find all types of generators to suit your individual needs and requirements. You can buy from the small 1500-watt units to large industrial units that are trailer mounted at a good price. All generator parts and accessories are offered online and at home improvement stores in your neighborhood. Buying a locally manufactured generator means the parts will be cheaper and available without any delay. With imported brands, the shortage of parts and accessories leads to higher pricing, so it is good to buy only locally produced items.

Without the use of power tools, it is not possible to take your construction project forward. The use of a generator is a common sight at far-flung areas that are not connected to the grid. A portable generator can be used to run lights, spray guns, nail guns and more. In areas victimized by acts of nature, residents benefit from the use of a backup source of power. These days, the cost of the generators is so low that almost everyone can afford to buy one.

The new inverter technology allows for quiet operation and produces clean electricity with a low sine wave for use with smartphones, tablets, and computers. Use of a generator allows us the independence to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, warm meals and keep all essential appliances running when utility power is out. We can stay warm and cozy indoors with the rest of the family.

If you have the elderly at home that are reliant on medical equipment, the constant demand for electricity has to be fulfilled. For such homes, a standby generator unit that is wired to the electric panel is vital for life. The use of a transfer switch will allow for transition from utility power to generator power within a matter of seconds.  These days from a user point of view it is a very fundamental part of a standby generator.

The remote control also offers convenience to users that are camping outdoors in remote areas. The use of a portable unit to make the vacation enjoyable is popular. This device allows you to start the generator from as far as 70-100 feet. For industrial automation, agricultural automation and wireless communication, a remote control plus a next-gen receiver with a much longer range is used.

The portable generators are also used for festivals, barbecues and garden parties. You can plug in speakers, fans, and lights, and keep the beer chilled.  A generator cover is an accessory that every user needs to buy. If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain, it is a good idea to make rainproof housing for it. This will ensure that all the outlets keep dry.  Any generator can get damaged if left without a cover outdoors as the elements of nature are very destructive. Protect it from rust, dust, and dirt by using a cover. It is easy to order the covers online for your make and model. It needs to fit the unit perfectly.

The next thing you will need for your portable generator is a wheel kit. Some units come with free wheels and handles. If you buy a unit that does not come with the wheel kit you can always buy one online. Get the long-lasting no-flat wheels as they require no maintenance. This will allow you to move the unit from one place to another without a hassle.

Starting a motor is cold weather can be a problem as the oil can solidify. If you live in an arctic climate you will need to buy a cold weather kit. This kit includes a battery warmer and an oil heater which helps the motor start quickly in the frosty mornings.

Another accessory that every generator owner needs to keep handy is the maintenance kit. Like everything else that runs on a motor, a generator too requires some extra attention. This increases its lifespan. If you want optimum performance from your unit make sure you give it regular maintenance. Change the oil when its color is bad and take out the old spark plugs to replace them with new ones. Air filters also get dirty after some time so change these as and when necessary.

Some people drain the fuel before they store the generator so there is no gum buildup. It is okay to leave the fuel in and add a fuel stabilizer to it as this prevents the buildup. If you want to use a generator to power up sensitive electronics with a micro-circuitry get an automatic voltage regulator. These items can be easily damaged by the voltage surges that take place within the generator. Many models come with a built-in AVR for your peace of mind. This regulator keeps a check on conditions such as utility input voltage, frequency or system load to keep the voltage constant and keep the power line well-conditioned.

The use of a muffler can make your unit even quieter. Many models come with noise reduction features and a muffler. If you prefer the super quiet units take a look at the inverters. For a portable unit, you can find all sorts of mufflers online. Consult the customer services reps online to ensure you get the right one.

If you have wired your standby generator to the electric panel you will not need to buy extension cords. However, if you plan to use your portable unit as a backup source of power supply in case of a blackout you need to buy extension cords. Ensure the extension cords you are buying are heavy duty and are of the right length. First, check the amps on the generator and buy the cord of the same amp.

If you use a generator for your RV or boat get a battery charger for it. This will not only charge your generator’s battery, but it will also help charge the RV and boat batteries.

About Author: Gregory Hill is an electric engineer and he love to study about relation between electricity and his appliances such as generator parts and accessories.