Reinforced plastics have been contributing a lot in distinct global industries. FRP pultruded gratings manufacturers are making high quality FRP structural profiles and systems for their customers. They are often asked by people “how fiberglass pultruded gratings are different from fiberglass molded gratings?” So, in this post, manufacturers and suppliers of FRP gratings explain the difference between pultruded and molded gratings range.

Pultruded FRP gratings range

Manufacturers supply a wide range of pultruded FRP grating panels to distinct industries. These products are used by industries as floor systems, work platforms, walkways, stairs, ramps, trench covers, etc. These pultruded FRP gratings are lighter in weight and never corrode.

Features offered by these gratings-

Corrosion resistance

FRP pultruded range of gratings is high in strength. These gratings do not corrode and break down or split in between. These are different than steel gratings.


Manufacturers apply an epoxy anti-skid coating on the gratings for enhanced traction. The products also meet the specifications set issued by standard bodies, which are valid globally.

Extended life

Gratings made of FRP pultruded materials are able to withstand the elements of nature. Resin offers environment resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, UV resistance, etc. These gratings offer strength and fire safety altogether.

Easy to made

Since the panels of pultruded frp gratings are lightweight, they are portable and easy to work with. Manufacturers find no difficulty in cutting and fabricating these gratings with the help of standard tools.

Molded Fiberglass grating

Molded fiberglass gratings are superb products which are not only corrosion resistant, but are also stronger, light in weight, and durable. You can install these gratings in extreme conditions. The surface of molded frp gratings is anti-slip and safe for workers. These gratings are widely used for stair treads, fasteners, decks and pedestals.

Features offered by these gratings-

  1. Stock – You can avail frp molded grating in stock panels. Manufacturers can provide custom designer gratings as per the requirement.
  2. Extended life – There is no need to replace your frp molded grating frequently like other materials. There is no need to maintain these gratings, so no re-painting is required.
  3. Less waste – Manufacturers are happy to fabricate these gratings due to less waste production.
  4. Easy to make – Manufacturing team is able to cut and make these gratings easily with the help of standard tools to build industrial platforms and walkways.

So, these are the basic differences between pultruded and molded gratings. This post is intended by FRP gratings manufacturers. If you want to know more about the products, ask in comments.