A  HCG blood test measures the levels of HCG in your blood or urine. Beta HCG positive is a common term which might emerge during pregnancy, but it is all about how much HCG is produced. There are termed by different names. In fact there does exist considerable difference between the HCG blood test and HCG urine test that you can opt over the counter. With urine tests it is influenced by your dehydration levels and what time of the day you are opting for the test. On the other hand HCG blood tests can provide you with conclusive results even if HCG levels are on the lower side.

More about HCG tests?

During pregnancy, cells in your developing placenta form HCG. This is basically a sac nourishing where the fertilized egg is stored and then attaches to the uterine wall. After 11 days of conception HCG has to be first detected and in the time span of 48 to 72 hours is known to double. They are known to reach their peak after 11 weeks of pregnancy. The levels then decline and remain steady during the course of pregnancy. The reasons why this test is formed

  • To confirm your pregnancy status
  • Figuring out the age of the fetus
  • To detect an abnormal pregnancy in the form of an ectopic pregnancy
  • A potential miscarriage can be calculated
  • For down syndrome screening

Even before a series of tests the HCG test is conducted so that no sort of harm takes place to a developing baby. An ideal example in this regard is x ray. If these tests go on to reveal that a woman is pregnant, health professionals can detect they are protected and no form of medical treatments may be called for. This same situation occurs in case of Beta HCG positive.

Do they occur any reason beside pregnancy in relation to HCG testing?

HCG is rated to be a tumour marker, a substance excreted by various tumour types.  For this reason HCG test may be conducted to manage several types of cancer. There are various cancers that cause more than normal HCG and the prominent ones among them include lung and breast cancer. Even normal conditions like ulcers could lead to be a spike in HCG levels. The doctor may go on to suggest this test as part of the lab test because of the presence of various symptoms.

In men

Though HCG is a term that is often described with women, men could also have this hormone during pregnancy. The presence of this hormone in men can point to occurrence of testicular cancer. The moment a man detects a lump in their testicles, the doctor can go on to figure out if HCG is present. If this hormone is present then further round of testing may be called to figure out the exact reason for the occurrence of the same. The test is normally performed with the aid of a blood sample.