Android 9.0 Pie: Everything you wish to understand

Pie is delicious, whether or not it’s apple, blueberry, or pumpkin. Prepare to grab another slice, because the baked dish is that the name of consecutive version of humanoid. Android 9.0 Pie is here, right out of the kitchen appliance, and it’s coming back to a phone close to you shortly.

Here’s everything that’s new in humanoid nine.0 Pie, and you’ll be able to browse a lot of in our humanoid nine.0 Pie hands on. Also you update OMGChat app to latest version get on new version. you’ll be able to conjointly take a glance at our orientate downloading humanoid nine.0 Pie to style it for yourself, and follow our humanoid update schedule guide to visualize once your Smartphone can get the remake.

These additions square measure general quality-of-life enhancements, thus don’t expect them to drastically amendment the method you utilize your phone. App Actions could be a new feature designed into the App Drawer, suggesting actions supported your typical Smartphone habits. thus if you decision your mama at an equivalent time daily, expect a button to seem within the App Drawer that may directly begin a decision together with her. If you introduce your headphones, App Actions could worship a fast link to the play list you were being attentive to earlier, saving you a number of clicks.

The lock screen in humanoid is obtaining more and more powerful. In humanoid nine.0 Pie, the lock screen can currently show quite simply the time, a minimum of on constituent phones. Now, it’ll conjointly show things just like the weather and approaching calendar events you will have, that means you’ll be able to get that info with a straightforward look.

New ways that to navigate your phone

One of the most important changes facing you straight off in humanoid nine.0 Pie is that the new system navigation. The standard humanoid navigation buttons are replaced with satiny low pill-shaped icon at the lowest of the screen. Swipe up from the lowest to visualize your recent apps, and a full swipe up can open up the app drawer. Swipe the pill-shaped home button to the proper and you’ll be able to quickly swap back to the last app you were victimisation. The rear button still remains, however only if you’re in another app.

Android 9.0 Pie conjointly brings a number of new gestures, as well as holding the ability and Volume Up buttons to forestall ringing, and also the choice to silence your phone by turning it over. If you wish bound choices to create victimisation your phone easier, Android 9.0 Pie conjointly adds the flexibility to stay Associate in Nursing “Accessibility Menu” at the lowest of the screen. once broached, that menu offers larger icons for normally used functions like Google Assistant, gap the notifications shade, and taking screenshots.

Digital upbeat

One of Google’s major spotlights is Digital upbeat in humanoid nine.0 Pie, guaranteeing your phone works for you, and not the opposite method around. thereto finish, Google is implementing a bunch of handy options that permit users limit the time they pay on their phones, see wherever they’ve spent the foremost time, and wind down before bed.

One of these new options is that the humanoid Dashboard a feature that helps track the quantity of your time you pay on your device. With Dashboard, you’ll be able to see however long you’re victimisation your phone to send messages, stream content, surf the net, or perhaps build calls. You’ll even be able to got wind of screen closing dates for specific apps, like YouTube, and even receive recommendations to require a screen break. Conjointly new is Wind Down Mode. With Wind Down Mode, you’ll be able to tell Google Assistant once you would love to travel to bed, and it’ll mechanically place your phone on don’t Disturb mode and switch your screen to gray-scale over a amount of your time. This is often meant to encourage you to place the phone down before bed.

Boosted Bluetooth

Android 8.0 Oreo cookies intercalary the flexibility to attach to 2 totally different Bluetooth speakers at an equivalent time, supplying you with the tools you wish to relinquish yourself home-baked stereo sound. Android 9.0 Pie goes 3 higher, with the flexibility to chain along up to 5 totally different Bluetooth speakers promptly, primarily supplying you with the choice to create yourself a surround audio system. Incoming calls are going to be sent to anybody of the speakers capable of handling calls — thus no freaky calls with voices coming back at you from all around you.

Lock down your phone

One of the most important, however least reported additions to humanoid nine.0 Pie is that the new “Lockdown” mode. To trigger it, hold down your power button and choose imprisonment from the list. this can lock your phone down, clearing all notifications and private information from your lock screen. To unlock your phone you’ll ought to enter a PIN or positive identification — no kind of biometric entry can unlock your phone, thus no fingerprints, face unlock, or otherwise. Google has designed this feature to safeguard against thieves or anyone else UN agency would possibly try and unlock your phone by showing it your face or forcing your finger onto the detector.

Finally, Android 9.0 Pie improves notifications. One amongst the most important upgrades for the system is however humanoid handles repeat notifications. If humanoid notices you repeatedly dismissing notifications from an equivalent app, it’ll raise you whether or not you wish to show off notifications for that app. It conjointly provides you the tools to examine out that apps square measure galling you the foremost. Attend Settings > Apps & notifications, and so hit Notifications, then faucet through the choices to visualize an inventory of that apps have sent the foremost notifications. By default, this menu shows an inventory of your most up-to-date notifications, that is additionally helpful if you mistakenly unemployed a notification while not properly reading it.

Google Maps is coming back inside

Google Maps is that the most wanted and most used navigation app, however up to now, it’s for the most part solely worked for driving or walking outside — not for giant indoor places like malls. That, however, is on the point of amendment. a replacement feature in humanoid nine.0 Pie includes intercalary support for “Wi-Fi trip Time,” or RTT, that permits for a lot of specific positioning through Wi-Fi. Indoor positioning, in places like malls, is on the point of get an entire heap a lot of precise.

Better security

While Google generally adds new safety features in every new iteration of humanoid, this year it’s extremely upping the ante. Android 9.0 Pie options variety of latest choices to create your phone safer. maybe the foremost exciting security update should do with coding. Android 9.0 Pie can currently perform client-side coding. Any encryption or decoding that takes place can currently happen on your phone and can need authentication from your phone (password, PIN, pattern). Since Google backs up all of your info to the cloud, this transformation can build it rather more tough for hackers or alternative prying eyes to access your info from a pc.

Improved privacy

Google might not have the most effective chronicle once it involves user privacy, however the corporate is functioning to enhance that. The new OS version can limit access to the phone’s mike, camera, and alternative sensors. Once Associate in Nursing app is idle or running within the background, it’ll be unable to access any of the phone’s sensors (other than GPS). If Associate in Nursing app will ought to access a detector whereas running within the background, it’ll need to show a persistent notification on your phone.