Dynamics 365 The Perfect Formula to Boost Your Sales with LinkedIn

The way in which people make sales have been redefined since the time of the internet. Now salespersons are spending more time sitting in front of a computer than meeting their leads face to face.

As most of the customers are directly making use of search engines and social media for products and services, the work of the sales persons has also gone digital.

LinkedIn has been a great professional platform for people to connect and get good leads for their business. But finding the relevant leads in LinkedIn isn’t as simple as adding a lot of connections from the industry and sending out the same message to everyone. Sales conversion doesn’t work that simple.

A Good CRM is required for the salespersons to browse through the millions of LinkedIn profiles and compare it with the customer data, the insights gathered over the years and the customer persona to find out the best possible leads for the business.

Thus was born the partnership of one of the most popular and efficient CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, with LinkedIn in 2017. This partnership has opened out-of-the-box possibilities for the sales team to land more customers.

Making Effective Use of LinkedIn

As we already know, there is no other place like social media where the salespersons can land multiple leads at the same time. LinkedIn, is one of the best professional networking platforms, has made it simpler to access all the required details of a person or a business with just one click.

Further, the resources of LinkedIn alone have a lot of scopes to help search among the masses in a particular industry or people holding certain positions from a particular location, executives who are interested in a particular field and so on.

Further, in comparison to other social media platforms, LinkedIn is that one platform where one can try to build a genuine relationship and have proper conversations with the leads and customers.

This underlines one of the important factors in any customer experience – to have an open talk with customers and hear out their issues.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps in filtering through the entire members of LinkedIn through a variety of 20 filters. This will shorten up your target audience and eliminate the vast majority of cold calls.

PayPal Australia increased its revenue by almost 3000% and reduced their sales cycles by 25% once they started making use of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

As LinkedIn Sales Navigator runs with Artificial Intelligence, it can recommend possible leads depending on the current pool of results obtained. You may even discover a new customer segment that you hadn’t even thought to target in the first place!

Combining all these advantages of LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Dynamics 365, we have got ourselves the right combination to skyrocket the sales figures.

The Integration of Dynamics 365 with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Many salespersons have had first-hand experience of the valuable advantages that this integration can bring to the table. It increases the effectiveness of the salespersons and helps them tap into areas unseen earlier the proof of which can be seen in the sales numbers.

By integrating the Dynamics 365 CRM with LinkedIn, the salespersons no longer need to switch between multiple windows for searches and comparison. The user can directly view the LinkedIn profile of the leads in CRM in one single window.

Whatever the sales team works on the Dynamics 365 window will automatically be synced to the LinkedIn Sales Navigator and vice versa.This helps to drive the salespersons to be equipped with the required information from a single place and form a meaningful relationship with the leads and customers.

Here are a few important ways in which LinkedIn Sales Navigator along with Dynamics 365 can help your sales team. The user can

  • Draft a proper introductory email with the help of Dynamics 365 to send to the new leads through LinkedIn.
  • Send emails and messages through LinkedIn with the recommendations from Dynamics 365 about the next course of action.
  • Create the profiles of the images that the team need to contact next on LinkedIn through CRM and LinkedIn dashboard.
  • Get updates about the leads like job change, special interest in a field, etc which may help in converting the lead to a buyer.
  • Get one step closer to leads through mutual connections which can help in fast forwarding through the whole reluctant introductory process.
  • Get search alerts based on the keywords and the filters applied when specific users match certain criteria.
  • Send an email to a lead without an email address with the InMail option in LinkedIn.

With such a huge list of ways to land more leads and seal promising prospects, it is no wonder that the salespersons who start working with Dynamics Customer Management and LinkedIn Sales Navigator together have never looked back ever since.