Many companies produce duplex steel castings. These castings have tremendous applications in many areas. Fully machined castings are used for ultra-super critical applications to turbines for power generation of up to 1,000 MW. They are also used in building gas turbines. The parts required to build a gas turbine should be well machined and appropriately assembled.

Also, pumps and valves can prove to be excellent cooling loops for primary (class one) and secondary (class two) along with critical duty class one structural components. Apart from this, duplex steel castings are also used in the generation of energy from renewable sources such as wave power.

Duplex Steel Castings Applications:

  • In bridges
  • In Structures and architecture
  • In power generation including nuclear power
  • In constructing submarines
  • In fossil fuel power plants

When talking of brides, the duplex steel castings are used in the Hardanger Bridge, Oakland Bay Bridge Eastern Span Replacement, the Tsing Ma Bridge and the Jiagyin Bridge.

They are also used in structural and architectural projects like the Faslane Naval Base, Stratford Station, Ludwig Erhard Haus and Paddington Station. In the power generation sector, they are used in the Pelamis Wave Energy Converter, the Sizewell B Nuclear Power Station and the Sellafield Re-processing Plant.

It is also used in the manufacture of Astute Class Submarine building. They are also used in developmental projects like in the Thermie AD700, COMTES, Pacific Basin 700 research, European next gen power and Macplus.

I am describing some of the noteworthy applications of duplex steel castings below.

Paddington Station

This station also called as London Paddington, is a railway terminus of central London along with being an underground London station complex. It is located at Praed Street in the Paddington Area. Originally, it was the London terminus of the Great Western Railway since 1838.

A major portion of the mainline station dates back to the year 1854 and was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. It was the first original western terminus of the Metropolitan Railway, which was the world’s first underground railway. As of today, Bakerloo Circle District, Hammersmith, and City Lines serve Paddington.

Astute Class Submarines:

The Astute Class is the latest class of nuclear powered fleet submarines. These submarines set a new benchmark for the British Royal Navy, what with their superior weapons load, communication facilities and their stealth.

The company BAE Systems Maritime is constructing the submarines at Barrow in Furness. Astute is the first of a class of seven boats, which will be constructed by this company. This boat was launched in 2007 and was commissioned in 2010.


Thus, we have seen the numerous applications of duplex steel castings. From the article above, we can gather that they have been elemental in many an important structure.

They may not be involved directly in the construction of these landmarks, but have been indirectly responsible for them. Therefore, they are very significant in any set up.

Their importance can be gauged from the fact that they have been used in the construction of various critical bridge structures.