What are Key Factors in Commercial RO Plant?

As concerns over the purity of water we drink increases everyday, the need for commercially available safe drinking water is also rising. This has given birth to an entire new industry and related products and services. One of these are the commercial RO plant manufacturers.

Commercial RO plant manufacturers are not to be confused with bottled RO water providers. While one is concerned with manufacturing the equipment, the other runs the plants. So, a commercial RO plant manufacturer will essentially supply you with the various equipment for a water purifying plant. So, before you go looking for a manufacturer, understand the equipment you will need for an RO plant. Some of the essential equipments are:

  • Filters
  • Clarifier
  • Resin Based System
  • Membrane Based Systems

More than any other industry, selecting the right manufacturer is critical for a bottling plant. The raw material here, water, is freely available. So, what makes the product special is the process of purification it goes through and this is largely dependent on the plant equipment. So, paying attention in the beginning can save you a lot of heartburn later on.

But where can we find good plant manufacturers? Thankfully, this is easy, thanks to technology!

  • Start with Internet research. A simple Google search can give you the top players in the market.
  • Try online directories.
  • Ask around friends, family and acquaintances. Remember a personal referral is always better than an anonymous Internet site.

This will give you a shortlist of manufacturers and now your task is to work through the list to find the right manufacturer for your plant. One of the important decisions to make is whether you want to buy your equipment from different manufacturers or go for a single commercial RO plant manufacturer who will provide all the equipment. While you may save some money with the first option, hiring a single manufacturer has many benefits.

Saving time

You can save valuable time by cutting out negotiations with multiple manufacturers.

Saving effort

Apart from the effort of dealing with different manufacturers and dealers, you can also get single manufacturers to set up your entire plant.


It may actually be more economical. With the right negotiation skills, you can get a good price with single manufacturers. This is apart from your savings on tie and effort.

Check the website

This is obvious and easy to do. If your manufacturer has a website (most business have one these day), be sure to check it thoroughly. This is part of your initial research. Not only can you check it for equipments produced, but also for their commitment to quality.


This is not really important, but experience can matter of you are also going for installation. The installation of plant equipment is an important job and any mistakes in the beginning can prove disastrous later on.


Like buying any equipment, warranties are important here as well. Any competent manufacturer will give a you a warranty on their product. This should include replacement of parts and guarantees against any sudden malfunction.


There are a number of certifications that are required for bottling plant equipment, such as ISO certification. Not only is this necessary to ensure the quality of the equipment, it will also be necessary to ensure that your own product meets all required standards.

Check quality and testing

This should be done personally. Check the quality and testing yourself to ensure that it meets the standard. Does the firm have a regular safety audit for all its own manufacturing equipment? Is every individual equipment tested? How vigorous is their testing policy?


It is your budget that will ultimately determine a number of your decisions. There are a number if bigger corporations in the market that promise you top-of-the-line products. But these fall on the high end of the market. There are also local producing unit. They may not have the brand name, but their products are not necessarily of an inferior quality.

As long as they carry the right certifications and quality checks, their equipment will do just as well. Whatever your considerations, never compromise on quality. It is better to start on a short scale than compromise on the quality of your plant equipment.