Choosing Flooring That Fits Your Style

The type of flooring that looks best in your house depends on your overall style. There are several different aesthetics, from contemporary to traditional and everything in between. Before you go to Flooring Warehouse in 75247 to choose your new flooring, you should read these useful tips.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary and modern design are not the same things. In fact, modern design features lots of colors and rounded furniture. Contemporary, on the other hand, is synonymous with bold, clean, and smooth. Houses with open floor plans and neutral color schemes fit into this style. As far as flooring is concerned, think natural. For example, hardwood floors are best.

Modern Style

We touched on this a bit above, however, to go more in-depth, modern style is minimalist and sleek. Think Scandinavian designs and simple color schemes. The furniture is functional, lacking frills, and made of natural materials. Like the contemporary styling, hardwood floors work best. They are very modern.

Industrial Style

The words “industrial style” tend to make people think of the cold concrete and dusty interiors of factories. This isn’t far from the truth. In homes, industrial styles are urban and edgy with plenty of wood and some metal accents. Industrial flooring options are reclaimed wood, brick, and simple tiles. The ones from Flooring Warehouse in 75247 fit this style well.

Traditional Style

Traditional décor is always in style. This style started in the 1700s and is still popular today. Traditional furniture is warm and comfortable, even if it’s made from wood. The color tones are warm, and there are plenty of wooden accents, including wainscoting and trim. Traditional flooring consists of darker wood tones, patterned tiles, and even carpeting, as long as it’s in a neutral color.

Shabby Chic Style

Shabby Chic started in the 1980s. It’s a throwback to traditional, but more eclectic and soft. The furniture resembles thrift and antique store finds and includes feminine touches, like lace and pastels. Shabby chic flooring looks old, even if the materials are new. Consider distressed wood flooring and tile.

Eclectic Style

This particular style is exactly what it sounds like – a little bit of everything that is somehow cohesive. It’s a mix of different types of furniture from various eras that go together uniquely. The flooring matches this as well – bold rugs, interesting tile, hardwoods, and even carpeting can all work together, depending on the room.

Coastal Style

Even if you don’t own a beach house, you can still decorate your home in a coastal style. The light, airy elements and beachy tones of blues and greens are what make this style unique. Other colors include tan, gray, and white. Linen-covered furniture and light wood round things out. As far as flooring goes, natural light-colored wood flooring and white tiles are best.

Farmhouse Style

This style has been around as long as traditional but is more rustic. Think 1700s farmhouses, without the darkness punctuated by candlelight. The furniture is a bit distressed, but the walls are white. The wood – flooring included – is dark-colored and distressed as well.

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