Before even going for an AC for purchase one must consider some features which are a must and are to be looked upon when buying an air conditioner, this helps the buyers to select the right AC for their homes, office and henceforth will surely get the best AC with lasting services and efficient functions. There are many air conditioners in the market to choose from, and generally the buyer gets confused and it becomes difficult for them to make the right choice, so to make the right choice there are many features which are supposed to be kept in mind.

Energy Efficiency

Being Energy efficient is something the most important feature that every customer should look for, the more energy efficient the AC is, the cooling cost is less. So if one is selecting an AC and is confused they should look for the energy efficiency, may be these AC may cost much but certainly will help in power saving. Hence in an overall view money can be saved.

Programmable Timer

Programmable timer has a built in timer which gives the users the power to turn on and off the AC when they are not around. If someone is not home and is coming back he/she can easily switch the AC half n hour before coming and this will help in saving the energy as the room is already cool. This feature will help in saving the power, electricity bill and wastage of the AC energy will be less.


Every air conditioner needs to control the humidity of the room because only then the room will have the cooling effect. With new technology many companies came with a new dehumidification settings which helps in pulling the moisture out of the air and this helps in cooling the room faster helping in saving energy and electricity.

Adjustable Airflow

Every new air conditioner now comes with a feature of adjustable airflow, which helps in adjusting the louvers and is very affective. If you need to cool a specific area in room or want to divert the air if its direct and the louvers can be easily adjusted.

Easy To Use Control Panel

There are many air conditioners which does not provide with a proper function panel, and this somehow do generate with some problems and at times it is inconvenient for the users. So one should always keep in mind the feature of easy control panel where all the units work properly.


If someone is buying an air conditioner he/she must see the decibels an air conditioner generates, most importantly when it is for a bedroom or living room. Coz the amount of noise an air conditioners makes should be kept in mind so to have a good sleep or a party.


To buy an AC one must for sure see the warranty the company gives on the products, keeping the above points in mind one must see for how many years the service will be provided and how efficient it will be. A well to do review should be carried down before buying an air conditioner.

These are few features which should be kept in mind before buying an air conditioner, as they will help the customer to select the right AC within their range and will help in saving the energy.