Article STEM is a unique blog dedicated to writing about emerging technologies and cutting edge innovation in hardware, Internet and software.

We also appreciate disruptive startups and great ideas so we keep a close an eye on the entrepreneurs out there and their amazing creativity. We are carefully picking up the best of the best from web about fresh startups and small business around the world with big potential and lots of hype.

Article STEM is re-started in OCT 03, 2018 in India.

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Adrian Ignatescu

Editor & Co-owner

I hold a M.Sc. in Database Systems from the IT University of Copenhagen and I currently work as a Web Analyst in a digital agency in the UK. I have over 2 years of experience in business intelligence and have been an Internet aficionado since I was a teenager. I love technology and startups as well as data science and webanalytics. I am currently based in London, United Kingdom.

Elvis Adomnica

Editor & Co-owner

I hold a M.Sc. in Software Engineering from the IT University of Copenhagen and a B.Sc. in Applied Computer Science from The West University of Timisoara. I fell in love with Computer Science back in 2002 when I started my first classes on programming. My areas of interest are web development and operating systems. I currently work as a Software Engineer at SLI Systems in Christchurch, New Zealand.