5 Color Patterns in Dressing That Will Never Bore You

It takes a lot of time and tons of contemplation of mixing and matching to finally get your own fashion style that speaks volumes about your personality. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, a fashionista always moulds into the perfect look, which is not too conformist but is not too other worldly either.

You want something unique, and you don’t want to rack your brains every time you have to step outside the house. If only there was a formula or a color pattern that could solve your wardrobe woes forever.

Some people think that to be the kings and queens of the perfected fashionable look is to simply develop an individualistic getup for yourself. That’s true but limited because it makes up only half of what you are hoping to achieve. What really completes the whole style statement are the color choices in your clothes.

We bet you didn’t know that the color of your clothes matter as equally as much as the type of your own personalized fashion clothes and accessories that you wear. Well honestly, not a lot of people know that and we don’t blame you either. The reason for that is that we don’t realize, aside from the style of dressing, more attractive appeal of a dress is the color which comes off as an illusion- making it hard for some people to understand the value and emphasis of the colors in a dress.

There are some hardcore fashion shopaholics who are aware of this color illusion which is why there is no end to the amount of shopping they do. Some clothes have great style and a mild color pattern, but some are simple with a unique color pattern, and you might find a mix of both. If you aren’t aware of what color patterns to go with for the day’s outfit, create the glamorous illusion of the perfect dress. Read on as we provide you with 5 color patterns in dressing that are sure to catch your fancy and everyone’s eyes.

5 Color Patterns in Dressing

Darker Shade Color Patterns

You can never go wrong with a dark colored dress. The darker the shade of your dress is, the more it creates the illusion of a slimmer and elegant look. If you are uncomfortable with your body shape and want to appear as a slim silhouette, a black dress is your lucky dress no matter what the occasion is. It can hide the flaws you don’t want to be seen, and make you look very flattering and beautiful.

Stripe Patterns

If you are someone with a short height or if you are someone who is more on the chubby side, you need to hear us out on this one.

For shorter people, we recommend that you don’t wear lighter shades on top and darker on bottom— they make your frame appear as half cut body and the lighter shade can actually make you look fat from the top with chicken legs for the bottom half. Go for vertical stripes patterns on your shirt with monochromatic colors from the top half to the lower half.  As for the chubbier people, horizontal stripes are your enemy. Wear clothes with vertical stripes as they make your body appear leaner and more elegant.

Ombre Patterns

This is the one style that has quickly skyrocketed as the most commonly and most loved designs in so many fields— from cake decorations to nail art, it has even peaked its popularity in dresses as well.

The fading colors from either top to bottom or bottom to top both result in exquisite fashionable results that it can look glamorous on any social and formal occasions.

Monochrome Patterns

It has only recently gained its popularity. Patterns all over the dress can’t always look pretty and the same goes for the monochrome patterns. However, if you can figure out the right style and balance it with the right colors then you can achieve an extremely pretty look for your getup.

To begin with, go for neutral colors such as black, blue, or charcoal. Once you are comfortable with that you can go ahead and experiment with lighter and pastel shades. This patterned fashion style works best for formal occasions but you can go ahead and wear it on other occasions as well.

Balanced Color Patterns

Too much of the same color or too much of the same pattern all over the dress doesn’t always make it to the top most desirable fashion get ups. It is far more preferable to opt for clothes that balance the color schemes. If they are patterned, it’s better to keep one half of the clothing simple and the other half brimming with flattering designs.

Patterns and colors have a lot to do on a dress. Loud colors with busy patterns can sometimes seem unpleasant. That’s why it’s better to wear something that balances your outfit. It makes you look elegant and sophisticated.

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