If you are a gym owner whose fitness center has been shut down due to the pandemic, you may have found that (expendable funds permitting) now is the perfect time to make some upgrades and repairs. If you are looking for simple ways to spruce your gym up for your members, here are 3 ideas that are easy to implement.

Get New Equipment

Even if you only invest in a few new pieces, having some brand new equipment is a way to get your members excited about coming back to workout. Debuting new items is also a great way to entice those who have gotten comfortable with their home gyms, and who may be uncomfortable coming back to the gym too soon, to come back to you.

Redo the Flooring

Aside from the equipment, something else that takes a serious beating in a gym is the flooring. Hire a company that can do the best gym floor refinishing Fairfax VA to remove shoe scuff marks and make your floor look like new again. If you really want a new look, refinish it with a new stain or color so that members can enjoy a totally new environment to workout in.


Paint the gym! If you want to go a bit crazy, paint the walls a bright color that members haven’t seen before to do a bit of rebranding and to get everyone excited to workout again. Also use this time to do touch-ups where needed, such as bathrooms, changing areas, and other smaller areas that may not get as much attention as the main rooms.

It may be tough initially for people to feel comfortable enough to come back when you first reopen. However, if you make the gym exciting and welcoming, you’ll have your regular (and perhaps some new) customers back in no time!

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