3 Small Pets That Can Be Easily Taken Care Of

Have you been thinking of adding a furry buddy amongst your other family members, but are worked up that your way of living might put a brake on that thought?

Well, don’t lose hope just yet! You see, there are actually 3 fluffy, cuddlesome animals that can surely fill your life with lots of love and happiness. Moreover, they make for such wonderful pets that after bringing them home, you’ll understand that there is a new side to the entire dog versus cat debate!

Even more, these tiny goofballs are not only easier to look after, but there’s one appropriate for every age – now isn’t that a double win situation for you?

Guinea Pigs

What is not to love about these adorable Guinea Pigs – they’re a bundle of cuteness and the most admired small pet by people all around the world! Besides, the sound that they make whilst munching on their food will certainly leave you flattered with joy – mark our words!

However, you need to take certain things into consideration before you get them home, which are mentioned below:

  • You need to have a wooden hutch along with a sleeping spot and cosy bed to provide them the required warmth – hay always works the best! Pro tip – make use of a lot of hay during winters for extra warmth.
  • Have a bowl and water bottle in place, which they’re unable to flip over. Another pro tip – ensure you’re replacing the water everyday.
  • As for the food that you must feed your Guinea pigs, have vegetables and fruits as the basic item.
  • An ideal exercise for them would be garden runs; it’s also the best way to keep an eye on them, preventing them from escaping.


All of us have loved Peter Rabbit as kids, but when you get this ball of fur home, their extremely mushy ears and cute little feet will make you fall in love with them even more.

Well, here is something that you must know before making a bunny a part of your family:

  • A tiny hut with enough space for the rabbit to stretch along with some extra privacy is what you need.
  • Buy them a run; there’s nothing better than it.
  • Ensure the bed is squeaky clean to keep your bunny hale and hearty. Pro tip – look at it everyday and get rid of droppings, if any.
  • In order to keep their tummy content, all you need are vegetables and fibre pellets. Another pro tip – ensure you’re washing their vegetables beforehand.
  • Always provide them with clean and fresh water
  • Give them chews and they’ll be the happiest.


Whilst they’re popularly known for their nocturnal behaviour and high energy, do not let that aspect of a hamster put you off! There’s surely a reason why most of the pet lovers across the globe adore these tiny bundle of cuteness.

But just like for rabbits and guinea pigs, you also need to consider certain things before getting a hamster home. These are:

  • A strong cage along with some comfy bedding for their tiny bellies and paws.
  • A bottle of water alongside the cage must be available to them 24×7. Pro tip – keep changing their water everyday.
  • Feed them some biscuits every now and then in order to keep their teeth in a better condition. Another pro tip – you can also swap their normal biscuits with the ones that you give your dog.
  • Dinnertime could never have been this simple – only a bit of hamster mix is what you need; in fact, you can also give them some of your leftover salad. One more pro tip – always throw away the food that your hamster didn’t eat.
  • Purchase some toys, as it’s the best way to keep their energy level under control.

Well, any of these cute little animals would make for an ideal pet and addition in your family. Also, bringing them home comes along with an abundance of love!

Nonetheless, bear in mind, every pet requires maintenance, including visits to the vet, regular exercise, healthy meal, grooming sessions with some of the best quality pet clippers, socialisation and of course, loads of love! Every animal comes with some sort of responsibility, so ensure you’re all set to take on the commitment before trying to become the pawfect parent.