3 Formatting Tips Every Resume Needs

Having the right experience, skills and interests is extremely important when applying for a particular position. However, in a world where millions of people are searching for jobs, even small details, such as formatting, could make or break your opportunity to be considered for a position.

Let the Font Speak For You

While it’s not a bad idea to work from an existing resume template, or to ask the best staffing agencies Boston to give you pointers or examples of resumes you can use, you are responsible for fixing anything that would make you appear less than professional; this includes font size and style.

Never use a font that might be hard to read, or that has a “whimsical” feel. Stick to professional-looking fonts sized at about 10-12 points.

Utilize Clear Headings and Bullet Points

You might only have a matter of seconds to make a positive impression on your potential employer, and the organization of your resume can make a big difference.

Two of the most powerful organizational tools you can use to catch the eye of your potential employer are clear headings and short bullet point lists.

These formatting tools enable you to draw the reader’s attention quickly and inform them effectively of anything you need them to know without wasting space on superfluous words.

Select Appropriate Margins

This one might seem obvious, but most hiring managers have seen their fair share of awkward margins on applicant resumes.

Too much white space in the margins may make the applicant seem desperate to fill the page with a small amount of information. Too little white space can be overwhelming and hard for the hiring manager to take in.

Keep your margins set at about one inch, and consider spacing your lines to 1.15 or 1.5 to keep things easy to read.

Every part of your resume works to make you appear fit for the job. Don’t neglect important resume formatting items, such as font, headings, bullet points and margins.

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