10 Struggles you will only understand only if you are a Science Major

With finals just around the corner, it’s that time where all pre-medical students and STEM major students fall into an intensive existential crisis, in choosing to put themselves through this. Whether it’s chemistry, biomedical engineering, nursing, or some other scientific field of study, every exam, every year brings more doubt about whether or not you’re accurately cut out for this. However, you have to know that you’re not alone; all your fellow classmates are in this together, sailing the same boat. They will understand your daily struggles, which are humorously summed up in the given list.

The class average on an exam is under 50%

It’s a known fact that its hard material of the science major, but the faculty could always do something useful. Only if the teacher could do just a little better job explaining these resonance structures and the parabola, which might give, at least one or two out of 300 students get above a 70. It’s a myth though, that science is easy; rather, as one could see, the class average on an exam is actually always under 50%. It’s not entirely the students’ fault, oh no– it also depends on the quality of teaching as well as the paper pattern and syllabus, among other factors.

Forgetting to bring your essentials to lab

There’s nothing like sprinting back to your place – maybe back to home or your dorm – to try and grab your lab essentials before getting to the place, but unfortunately, it’s not always possible.Even though there’s absolutely nothing that could harm you during this experiment, but then, who wants to lose marks as well as anger your teacher during a boring lab – it’s irritating enough already.


All you have to do is try to stay sane and not let it affect you, when all your business school friends are going out tonight because they don’t have an exam for 2 days. However, you’re in the library until 4am studying for an exam that’s over a week away. Why? Because your syllabus is vast.You also have to decide between sleeping, eating, or showering because you spent the rest of the time reviewing for your lab practical. It’s a big responsibility, when you have to study for science major!

Hearing other majors complain about their hard classes

If someone says that they have to study for 5 hours for their exam, it is pretty well-known that you’ll laugh and woodenly declare that’s your warm up; the real exercise is even more brutal. So, would be the scene with the homework. “You have so much homework? I wish I had homework as a grade buffer”. It is a known fact that science students crib a lot more than other major students. So, it’s a funny story for them, hearing other majors complaining about their hard classes.

Textbooks that weigh as much as you do

Somehow, professors manage to assign the biggest, heaviest textbooks on the topic. And of course, they’re required; without them, you can’t function. Your backpack nearly breaks at the seams every time you put your Biology, Chemistry and Anatomy textbooks in it.

Never being prepared

You can do every practice problem in the book, review all the class notes, and highlight every page of the textbook, but no matter how ready you feel for that before going to your exam, there will be some question on it that might as well be written in another language. You can learn with the stepwise solutions to difficult problem provided by chegg and avail Chegg couponsto get it at affordable budget.

Everyone asking you for medical advice

First of all, not every science major turns out to be a doctor. And even if one does, there are still bazillion years of school left, plus residency –so just don’t go asking around to the science students about the reason behind their sudden stomach pain. There are very many fields when it comes to science major, and not everyone will tell you the reason behind your swollen leg.

Constantly being called a nerd

Trust us, even if one doesn’t like their major, they are sure to get excited over a new fact they’d just learned. These nerds get so eager forthese random topics, that even you can’t escape their excitement. And, surprise, surprise, they are totally fine with it –nerd alert!

You’re never the smartest in your class

In high school you were always the first done with your AP Biology exams, and studying was a breeze. All of a sudden, now you are in college and you feel like you’re a failure for no longer being able to get 100’s on anything. But, that’s the truth – that how it will work, at least when it comes to this major.

You question your sanity every day

When your Anatomy, Chemistry, and Physics exams are all in the same week and you’ve already thought of not going to exams, asyou wonder why you are putting yourself through this. But at the end of the day you know it’s worth it and you’d probably be miserable in any other major. However, till this realization, you are out of your mind, and would wish for death – don’t do it.

To sum it up, this is the life of a typical student of science major. This might not apply to each and every one of them, but these struggles are something they face on a daily level. However, that doesn’t mean you have to live the life portrayed here; that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, for even science students could have as fun as other majors’ students. However, the people who don’t want to spend much on textbooks, and still want them to be there; use Chegg coupons to get the books for an even cheaper rate! Study judiciously and have fun – and these struggles will dissipate away like anything to excel in your field!