Importance of extracurricular activities in your child’s life

There was a time when parent’s main focus of education was on theoretical knowledge gained in school. But over the times, their view has changed. Education has become much more fluid. Nowadays, it is the overall holistic development that teachers and parents both focus upon besides education and theoretical knowledge.

Luckily, IGCSE schools in Delhi and NCR have a lot of extracurricular activity options to offer like music, writing, academic clubs and sports. These activities impart a sense of belongingness, team work and cross learning among students. Activities like writing and music enhance personal growth while nourishing the creative dimension of a student thus instilling confidence. The concept of academic club engages students to collaborate on their topic of interest. Activities range varies from group meetings, volunteerism and field visit, thus giving a broader scope of collaboration. A few clubs that are gaining popularity are robotics club, gaming club that are technology savvy and fun at the same time.

Activities like high endurance sports inculcate a strong mind by teaching students to face and fight the competitive world. This enhances their personal growth and prepares them for the professional world too. Students also get an option to explore their varied interest and liking with the choices to pick from extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities go a long way in helping students apply at colleges as universities give a lot of importance to a student’s participation outside academics. There is a correlation between academics and extracurricular activities upon a student’s overall performance in school. A number of researches have proved that a student’s aspiration increases if he has a well balanced academic life. Hence, some of the IB schools in Delhi and NCR are trying to include extracurricular activities as a mandate in their school curriculums.

Among the many benefits of extracurricular activities in school one important skill that students pick is people handling, which is soft skill that is sure to come handy as a student advances in his career.  While it is important to encourage students to participate in activities, it is also essential to maintain a balance. Some students may not be able to enroll for sports activity due to various health concerns; hence many schools help students offer a list of other activities as per their suitability and interest.

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